Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon is the political editor of The Age.

Bring on a climate change election, says Bill Shorten

Michael Gordon Bill Shorten has challenged Tony Abbott to fight the next election on the issue of climate change, declaring: "I've got a three-word slogan for him: Bring it on."

Anthony Albanese criticises Bill Shorten's handling of boat turn-backs policy

Anthony Albanese said such a rule was sorely needed in Australia.

James Massola, Tom Allard, Michael Gordon Bill Shorten's handling of Labor's controversial decision to adopt Tony Abbott's policy to turn back asylum seeker boats has drawn fire from his 2013 leadership rival, Anthony Albanese.

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Bill Shorten's turn-back policy vulnerable on two fronts

Michael Gordon dinkus

Michael Gordon The problem at the heart of Labor's border protection policy is that Bill Shorten wants to replicate Tony Abbott's boats policy without the sharp and ugly edges: the secrecy, the self-centredness and...

Bill Shorten to support boat turn-backs, warns against binding vote on same-sex marriage

Bill Shorten.

Michael Gordon Bill Shorten faces a bruising battle at Labor's national conference over his determination to include turning back the boats in the party's asylum seeker policy.

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Chopper scandal: Bronwyn Bishop ignored Tony Abbott's message on travel dangers

Tony Abbott's warning on travel expenses was missed by the Speaker, Bronwyn Bishop.

Michael Gordon  If Bronwyn Bishop had acted on a precedent set by Tony Abbott last year, she would not be in such deep trouble now over her totally unnecessary luxury chopper ride to a Liberal Party fundraiser...

Trust us: Patrick Dodson and Noel Pearson devise plan to save Indigenous recognition referendum

Aboriginal leader Patrick Dodson says

Michael Gordon The nation's two most significant Aboriginal leaders have crafted a plan to secure Indigenous consensus on a referendum question to recognise the first Australians that could be put as soon as the...

Paying back the cash for $5000 helicopter flight does not solve Bronwyn Bishop's problems

Michael Gordon.

Michael Gordon Joe Hockey is dead right. It doesn't pass the "sniff test". Or the pub test. Or the common sense test.

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Tony Abbott's ABC ultimatum will only prolong controversy

Michael Gordon.

Michael Gordon In delivering the ABC an ultimatum it could never accept, Tony Abbott has again shown poor judgment on an issue that should have been done and dusted weeks ago.

Bill Shorten's body language betrays a bruising day in the hot seat

Michael Gordon dinkus

Michael Gordon Bill Shorten isn't the first politician to be embarrassed by a late campaign declaration, and he won't be the last.

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Noel Pearson wrong on 'stage-managed' Indigenous recognition summit: Liberal MP Ken Wyatt

Liberal MP Ken Wyatt

Michael Gordon Indigenous MP Ken Wyatt has rejected claims by Noel Pearson that Monday's summit of Aboriginal leaders was "highly stage-managed" by Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten.

Bill Shorten's appearance at royal commission is an opportunity and a risk

Michael Gordon dinkus

Michael Gordon The compliment came from an unlikely quarter, after Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten gave Indigenous leaders, with the possible exception of Noel Pearson, cause to believe they are serious about working...

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No limits on Indigenous recognition debate, says Tony Abbott

Indigenous issues

Michael Gordon Prime Minister Tony Abbott has chosen not to put limits on the scope of constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians, ahead of a consultation process that could see a referendum on the issue...

Tony Abbott's 'almost Mandela moment' on Indigenous recognition

Michael Gordon.

Michael Gordon  The strategy to end the silence on Indigenous Australians was almost as unlikely as the man who proposed it in the midst of a meeting without precedent in the nation's history.

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Tony Abbott's Q&A boycott smacks of a petulant 'captain's call'

Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon Tony Abbott's decision that ministers will not appear on Q&A smacks of a pointless and petulant 'captain's call' that will hurt the government more than it hurts the ABC.

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Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten plumb new depths in approval stakes

Michael Gordon.

Michael Gordon The most revealing comparison in the July Fairfax Ipsos National Poll is not between Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten, but between both leaders and those who went before them.

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Indigenous recognition summit is no place for ego

Michael Gordon Indigenous and political leaders could do worse than adopt the mantra of one the country's most successful sporting teams when they assemble on Monday to discuss constitutional recognition of the...

Noel Pearson slams advocate for 'modest' Indigenous recognition

Michael Gordon Noel Pearson has turned on the advocate of the "modest" Indigenous recognition in the constitution, accusing Jesuit priest and law professor Frank Brennan of setting himself up "as some kind of final...


Coalition free vote on marriage equality still a long shot

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Michael Gordon There is a compelling case for Tony Abbott to facilitate a free vote on marriage equality when the Parliament resumes – but that doesn't mean he will do it.

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Time to end the constitution's silence on Australia's first people: report

Mr Wyatt presenting the report.

Michael Gordon An ambitious model for "substantive" recognition of Indigenous Australians in the country's founding document and a pathway to achieve it are proposed in the unanimous final report of an all-party...

Bold plan to break impasse over constitutional referendum

Noel Pearson

Michael Gordon  A special sitting of both houses of Federal Parliament should be convened to forge consensus on the recognition of Indigenous Australians in the constitution, a special parliamentary committee...