Michelle Grattan

Michelle Grattan

Michelle Grattan is the political editor of The Age. In 2008, she shared the Melbourne Press Club Lifetime Achievement Award with Laurie Oakes. She edited the books 'Reconciliation' and 'Australian Prime Ministers' (2000), and wrote 'Back on the Wool Track' (2004).

Michelle Grattan

Gillard gambles on asylum anxiety

Michelle Grattan By urging people to vent their fears about the boats without worrying about political correctness, Julia Gillard is taking a gamble.

Michelle Grattan

With sleeves rolled up, the PM makes elegant U-turn and quickly moves on

Michelle Grattan

Michelle Grattan AMERICAN political aficionados love the term "game changer".

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Michelle Grattan

Another backflip, or sweet reason?

Michelle Grattan

Michelle Grattan The details leaking out suggest the miners have twisted the government's arm a long way.

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Michelle Grattan

The special glow of power

Michelle Grattan Julia Gillard's transformation is a metaphor for how she's trying to change the government.

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Michelle Grattan

Abbott fills a major gap

Michelle Grattan Tony Abbott strikes a clever pre-emptive blow at one of the government's weak spots with his big mental health initiative.

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Michelle Grattan

What Gillard needs is a narrative

Michelle Grattan Julia Gillard needs to fit her solutions into a story that defines, rather than confuses, her political identity.

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Michelle Grattan

The odd couple bide their time

Michelle Grattan Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull have become the odd couple of federal politics.

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Michelle Grattan

Gillard tries to get Labor shipshape

Michelle Grattan Julia Gillard is scraping away at more of those barnacles on Labor's hull before she sails the repainted ship into a campaign.

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Michelle Grattan

Labor's money man strikes a new, post-politics, work-life balance

Michelle Grattan WE SHOULD have twigged. A few weeks ago, it was learned Lindsay Tanner had bought a farm near Melbourne. It seemed odd.

Michelle Grattan

Dominoes tumble quickly as polls rule the night

Michelle Grattan Kevin Rudd's leadership has been trashed in an extraordinary and unprecedented manner. The man obsessed with control lost control of his government, his party and his prime ministership in a night of...

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Michelle Grattan

With Telstra deal, Rudd plays a positive card

Michelle Grattan Kevin Rudd has tried to start a tough week by getting on the front foot - the Telstra deal is an achievement and a new topic. It was positive news in a sea of woes.

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Michelle Grattan

Nationals success complicates their long-term ambitions

Michelle Grattan Falling numbers make the Nats' power seem disproportionate.

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Rudd slaughters straw men, but miners are more flinty

Michelle Grattan Kevin Rudd is desperate to change the conversation.

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