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Nicky Phillips is Science Editor for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Industry group calls for fiscal stimulus in Abbott government budget

Australia has a critical shortage of people with science and engineering skills, employers say.

Gareth Hutchens and Nicky Phillips Australia’s economy is in such a fragile condition the Abbott government ought to provide some fiscal stimulus in its May budget, the Australian Industry Group has warned

Government signals support for plan to boost economy with science and innovation

Gareth Hutchens, Nicky Phillips The federal government is showing signs of greater support for science.

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Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop let the photos speak for themselves

NEWS: Bishop and Turnbull. Liberal Party fundraiser brunch in Sydney. 
Photo: Edwina Pickles. 8th Feb 2015.

Nicky Phillips They didn't say anything but they made sure the cameras caught every moment.

Science experiment yet to pass acid test

Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Bridie Smith and Nicky Phillips At a dinner in Canberra last October, Prime Minister Tony Abbott urged the country's already wary scientific community to judge his government by its performance, not by its titles.

C02 emissions from burning fossil fuels surge to highest level in human history

One of the Three Sisters joins in the climate change debate.

Nicky Phillips and Lisa Cox Global greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels and cement production surged to a record-breaking 36 billion tonnes of CO2 last year, pushing emissions to their highest level in human...

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CSIRO closes sites and cuts research as result of budget


Tom Arup and Nicky Phillips CSIRO is closing several research sites, including relocating world renowned climate research from its long standing atmospheric laboratory in Victoria, following the federal government’s budget cuts.

CSIRO document reveals site closures and research program cuts

 CSIRO building.

Tom Arup Nicky Phillips CSIRO is closing several research sites and relocating world-renowned climate research from its atmospheric laboratory in Victoria, following budget cuts.

Australian Antarctic Division stumps up $2.1 million after rescue of iced-in expedition

Thick ice forces icebreaker retreat (Thumbnail)

Lisa Cox, Nicky Phillips The federal budget will take a $2.1 million hit from the rescue of a Russian ship in Antarctica that became stranded on Christmas Eve.

Abbott government announces $522m in research projects

Christopher Pyne

Nicky Phillips The Abbott government will award $522 million to 1177 new research projects including studies on eruptive bushfires, what factors influence indigenous sporting performance and how to reduce incorrect...

Ministry omission worries science groups

Mitchell Gibbs at work within the NSW Police Forensic Services Group. Mitchell recently completed a Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science) at the University of Western Sydney and is the first identified Indigenous student in Australia to qualify for Forensic Science (Honours).  Mitchell also received a cadetship with NSW Police in the Forensic Services Group. 28th November 2012
Photo Dallas Kilponen

Nicky Phillips, Bridie Smith Tony Abbott's new ministry has omitted a dedicated science minister for the first time since the 30s.

Science takes back seat after 50 years

Ian MacFarlane

Nicky Phillips, Bridie Smith The country's peak science bodies have expressed concern over Tony Abbott's new ministry, which has omitted a dedicated science minister for the first time in more than 50 years.

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Nicky Phillips

Smart country is selling itself short

Professor Ian Frazer in Brisbane.
Picture by Paul Harris.
Friday 8 June 2012.

Nicky Phillips Ian Frazer knows how to prevent and treat herpes - in mice. Next year, the prize-winning immunologist behind the cervical cancer vaccine will scrutinise clinical data to determine whether his vaccine...