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Peter Martin is the Economics Editor for The Age.

Scott Morrison: No GST hike, only small tax cuts, as 'Red Sea has not parted this time'

Peter Martin Treasurer Scott Morrison has conceded that an increase in the GST is extremely unlikely, saying it means the May budget will have room for only small income tax cuts.

The white paper process has given us a tax debate without a debate

Labor leader  Bill Shorten has been standing in supermarkets wrongly asserting that the government is planning to increase the GST.

Peter Martin Of all the questionable claims in the tax debate, the biggest it's that it's been a debate.

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Tax white paper: GST benefits small compared to those of other reforms, says Turnbull

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during the GST debate in Parliament last week.

Peter Martin and Nicole Hasham Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has all but ruled out a cut in income tax funded by an increase in the GST and has instead challenged state governments to impose land taxes in order to cut stamp...

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Tax white paper: why Turnbull killed the green paper and probably a higher GST

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after a radio interview on Friday.

Peter Martin The tax white paper is dead. So too (most probably) is an increase in the GST.

With the GST out of the way the government could fix what's broken

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Peter Martin What's left to reform if Morison's push for a 15 per cent GST goes south?

Australia has few tools left to fight recession, warns leading forecaster Stephen Anthony

China's securities regulator on Thursday night suspended its new stock circuit-breaker that caused the sharemarket halts this week.

Peter Martin A further downturn in China would leave Australia at risk, without sufficient tools to avoid a recession, one of Australia's leading forecasters says.

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Vacancies: Jobs market the best in three years

With per-capita wealth shrinking, finding jobs will  be more difficult.

Peter Martin It's easier to find a job than it has been in years.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Obama's man appeals to Turnbull for help

US Ambassador to Australia John Berry is confident Malcolm Turnbull can help President Obama get support for the TPP.

Fergus Hunter and Peter Martin United States Ambassador to Australia John Berry has said he expects Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to argue the case for the "critical" Trans-Pacific Partnership when he visits the US next week,...

Trans-Pacific Partnership will barely benefit Australia, says World Bank report

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Trade Minister Andrew Robb.

Peter Martin Australia stands to gain almost nothing from the mega trade deal sealed with eleven other nations including United States, Japan, and Singapore, the first comprehensive economic analysis finds.

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Capital gains tax: Push to tax profits on sale of luxury family homes rejected

Even the most expensive homes would stay exempt, Labor says.

Peter Martin A government frontbencher has all but killed a proposal to apply capital gains tax to the sale of luxury homes by ruling it out before the Coalition even considered it.

Private health insurance reforms proposed as one in four have claims denied

Peter Martin As many as one in four users of private health insurance have had a claim refused, a shocking new survey finds.

Westconnex, East West Link: Anthony Albanese wants Auditor-General called in


Peter Martin Labor has asked the Auditor General to investigate the Turnbull government's entire road construction program after a revelation that up to $18 million of it is to be diverted into advertising.

MYEFO. Easy does it but we've got to fix the budget

Treasurer Scott Morrison and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann in Perth to deliver the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook.

Peter Martin New Treasurer faces several headwinds that threaten the economy in the short and long term.

MYEFO budget update: Scott Morrison believes we can't handle the whole truth, just yet

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Peter Martin It's looking like we'll never see a surplus. The first Hockey budget said we would get one in 2018-19. The second said it it would happen in 2019-20.

MYEFO budget update: why Scott Morrison has rightly avoided swinging the axe

The federal budget's health has deteriorated due to falling revenue and rising expenditure.

Peter Martin Scott Morrison has learnt well from Joe Hockey, Chris Bowen and Wayne Swan.

Budget update: Iron ore retreat, flat wages to deepen deficit

Scott Morrison and Mathias Cormann in Perth on the 14/12/15. Photo Phillip Gostelow

Mark Kenny and Peter Martin Steeply falling iron-ore prices, flat wages, and sub-trend economic growth have hit the federal budget hard meaning all of the extra spending since May will simply worsen the bottom line to...

Jobs growth is nothing like the 71,375 Michaelia Cash trumpets

Peter Martin.

Peter Martin No one can accuse the Employment Minister of failing to take advantage of an opportunity.

Morrison threatens to walk away from GST deal, saying he won't prop up state budgets

Scott Morrison said he would consider changing the GST only if the money raised was used to cut income tax and company tax.

James Massola and Peter Martin State governments face combined deficits of $50 billion by 2030, leaked Treasury modelling shows.

Off the table: why the GST won't be lifted to 15 per cent


Peter Martin So out of favour is the idea of increasing the GST that by the time the government releases its tax options paper in the new year a 15 per cent GST might not even be on it.

Raising the GST to 15 per cent is far harder than it seems

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Peter Martin The agenda paper prepared for Thursday's treasurers meeting ought to come with a big red stamp that reads "danger".