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Peter Martin is the Economics Editor for The Age.

ACOSS inequality report: House prices are making the rich-poor gap worse

Peter Martin The top fifth of households earn as much as the bottom fifth on average, new research shows, but that's only the start of it.

Pension assets test changes worse than claimed says Industry Super

GENERIC ageing, population, retirement, pension, superannuation, lifestyle, work, relationship. 

Peter Martin Access to the pension will become harder than the government has conceded under its deal reached with the Greens, a new analysis finds.

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Australia/China Free Trade Agreement: Good for exports, less good for national sovereignty

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Peter Martin Chinese companies will gain the right to sue Australian governments in international tribunals under an agreement that will eventually allow 95 per cent of Australian goods exports to enter China...

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Why Labor opposed the age pension deal the Greens took

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Peter Martin Labor's position on pensions makes no sense, until you see the bigger picture.

Reserve Bank: prepare for even higher house prices

Peter Martin The Reserve Bank has warned of even higher home prices, saying stocks of unsold land suitable for development in Sydney and parts of other cities are getting "unusually low".

Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens: More infrastructure spending now, please


Peter Martin The Reserve Bank governor is getting desperate. After months of hinting the Abbott government wasn't doing enough to lift the economy, Glenn Stevens has come right out and said it.

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Joe Hockey is wrong, houses are becoming unaffordable

Peter Martin Would-be owner-occupiers have become a minority in a housing market they once dominated.

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Treasurer Joe Hockey castigates critics as 'clowns' as GDP surges

Treasurer Joe Hockey says there is no need for any more regulation above the current role of APRA.

Peter Martin A maturing of the mining boom and a surge in home building have pushed Australia's economic growth rate to one of the fastest in the developed world, impelling treasurer Joe Hockey to castigate as...

Federal budget 2015: hit to family payments to reach $84 per week

Analysis shows families with children on the lowest incomes would bear the brunt of the cuts in the Coalition's first two budgets.

Peter Martin The budget will cost a two-parent family with two primary school children on $60,000 around $84 per week, a new analysis reveals.

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Rising House prices: Tony Abbott plays to the base

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has given renewed assurance to intending buyers that house prices will keep rising.

Peter Martin Tony Abbott's intervention couldn't have been more poorly timed.

Banks face inquiry as credit card margins climb to record highs

Credit card interest rates are the subject of an inquiry by a Senate Committee.

Peter Martin, Gareth Hutchens Australia's banks face an inquiry into their credit card interest rates after a Senate committee was told that when official interest rates go up, credit card users get hit with 112 per cent of the...

Capital investment: Economic outlook slips 'from bleak to recessionary'

A Chinese ship is loaded with soybeans at Port of Santos May 19, 2015.

Peter Martin Two weeks after the budget, Australia's economic outlook is bleak.

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Q&A: Policy on the run as Joe Hockey puts tampons, super tax concessions on the agenda

Treasurer Joe Hockey

Peter Martin Treasurer Joe Hockey has made policy on the run on the ABC's Q&A program, undertaking to ask the state treasurers to consider exempting women's sanitary products from the GST and undercutting his...

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Paid parental leave: Could the Coalition have been any dumber?

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Peter Martin Criminalising the behaviour of women who do as the law intended to get paid parental leave? Nice one, Tony.

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You need how much to be uber rich? Our top earners are taking home more

High income earners are on the rise in the statistics.

Peter Martin The top 10 per cent of Australian earners took home an extraordinary 29.7 per cent of Australian income in 2012, the highest proportion on record.

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Federal budget 2015: Paying for the childcare package will be difficult

New childcare spending is planned to start in 2017.

Peter Martin How can you spend $3.5 billion on child care when you're already $45 billion in deficit? By waiting until you're in nothing like as much deficit, that's how.

Federal Budget 2015: Why the new budget will be completely different

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Peter Martin A few years back Coca-Cola decided to enter the energy drink market. It developed a product called Mother that was so bad that 8 out of 10 consumers said they hated the taste.

Tax Office statistics reveal the 55 millionaires who paid no tax

Or not: The 55 managed to write their taxable incomes down to below the tax-free threshold.

Peter Martin By the time their accountants had finished with them they reported losing a combined $12.8 million.

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Means-testing the family home could boost pension incomes, study says

Peter Martin Including the family home in the pension assets test could be a political plus if handled properly, a new report suggests.

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Hockey wrong: ATO did publish tax dodgers' names

Confidentiality of taxpayer information

Peter Martin The Tax Commissioner says publishing taxpayers' personal details would be "unprecedented", the treasurer says "confidentiality of taxpayer information has been a key feature of Australia's taxation...

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