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Peter Martin is the Economics Editor for The Age.

Harper review: Plan to lift market restrictions to put consumer interests first

Mark Kenny, Peter Martin and Gareth Hutchens Canberra will push state governments to sweep away the most enduring market restrictions faced by Australians in their everyday lives granting new access to goods and services at lower prices from...

Competition Review: Ian Harper looks beyond taxis, pharmacies and trading hours

Peter Martin

Peter Martin Anti-competitive restrictions you might never otherwise hear about are in the firing line.

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Tax white paper over-egged

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Peter Martin The Coalition's version of the Henry Tax Review would have you think we pay far more in income tax than other countries and far more company tax. On income tax, it's over-egged the pudding.

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Tax white paper: Treasury urges more GST, less income tax

Peter Martin The Commonwealth treasury has set out the case for an increase in Australia's rate of goods and services tax and a series of cuts in income and company tax, saying that at 10 per cent Australia's GST...

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Queensland outshone, Victoria is Australia's No.1 destination


Peter Martin Victoria is outshining Queensland as the No.1 destination for Australians moving interstate.

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Tax cuts for wealthy hidden in intergenerational report

Dr Richard Denniss, Executive Director of the Australian Institute, will speak at the University of Wollongong tomorrow about the state of the economy

Peter Martin The intergenerational report projects massive and hidden tax cuts that would add as much as $150 billion per year to the budget deficit by 2055, a new analysis claims.

Older and lonelier: The ABS says an extra 1 million of us will be living by ourselves

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Peter Martin Living without adult company and childless couples will become increasingly common, the ABS says.

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It wasn't ours, says Treasury of Intergenerational Report

Tony Abbott

Peter Martin The Treasury has disowned the contents of the Intergenerational Report being used by the government to claim that it is a better economic manager than Labor.

A surplus in five years? Tony Abbott's commitment is not very clever

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Peter Martin Just how is Tony Abbott going to do it?

Joe Hockey's plan for early access to super appeals to the young and the Greens

Joe Hockey

Peter Martin Young people and Greens voters are responding well to Joe Hockey's push to allow first home buyers to get early access to super to buy houses.

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Joe Hockey outclassed on Q&A, by an economist

Q&A laughter: Moving to limit negative gearing concessions would not be popular, but it should be near the top of the government's reform list.

Peter Martin Treasurer Joe Hockey was upstaged and shirtfronted on Q&A Monday night, but not by a member of the audience or the other of politics.

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Why are there so few female chief executives? Why are so many CEOs named Peter?

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Peter Martin Not only are women rare at the top of big Australian companies, but men named Peter run more such companies than do women.

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Intergenerational report: Grey army marches to our rescue

Seniors, bowls and insurance

Peter Martin, James Massola The Intergenerational Report offers a glimpse into our grey-haired, female-friendly future.


Intergenerational report: The future won't be as bleak as you think

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Peter Martin The biggest economic challenge facing Australia in 40 years time will be a shortage of workers. The finances aren't nearly as challenging.

Intergenerational Report: How Labor was framed

Treasurer Joe Hockey:

Peter Martin How much worse under Labor? The Intergenerational Report tells us that had Labor's programs continued uninterrupted, the deficit would have hit $534 billion by 2055.

Intergenerational Report: Right message, wrong time

Treasurer Joe Hockey.

Peter Martin The economy hasn't had a run as weak as this year's, yet after three straight quarters of exceedingly weak economic growth we are about to be told we've got to tighten our belts.

Intergenerational Report to show Labor's spending was growing out of control

Prime Minister Tony Abbott during question time on Wednesday.

Peter Martin, James Massola Australia would have needed to lift its tax take by almost 50 per cent to meet Labor's long-term spending promises, Thursday's Intergenerational Report will show.

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Business call for government to open up Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations

Trade minister Andrew Robb addresses House on Monday.

Peter Martin Australia's largest business organisation has called for the government to open up the negotiation of trade deals such as the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Trans Pacific Partnership will push medicine prices up, review finds

Trade minister Andrew Robb addresses House on Monday.

Peter Martin The proposed Trans Pacific Partnership is likely to push up the price of medicines, stop some Australians from taking their medicines and make it harder to restrict the sale of tobacco and alcohol, a...

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Abbott government spends $380k on focus groups to fine-tune Intergenerational Report

Treasurer Joe Hockey in Parliament on Monday.

Peter Martin, Gareth Hutchens The federal government is so concerned about the presentation of this week's Intergenerational Report that it has spent $380,000 on focus groups to test reactions.