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Peter Martin is the Economics Editor for The Age.

Weak economy to push rates down

Peter Martin, Mark Kenny An unprecedented further cut in interest rates to levels never seen before in Australia is now virtually certain as the national economy sputters with dwindling growth and disposable incomes slipping...


Why the Reserve Bank is poised to cut interest rates


Peter Martin After a year of finely judged inactivity, the Reserve Bank is stirring.

We were in a recession - Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens

Peter Martin Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens thinks Australia went into recession during the 2008 financial crisis and he is sick of people saying it did not.

G20. Old is new when it comes to boosting growth

US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew (right) with Treasurer Joe Hockey in Cairns.

Peter Martin Australia has committed itself to business as usual in order to play its part in boosting the size of the global economy.

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Go for growth. G20 finance ministers exceed expectations

Resolute: Treasurer Joe Hockey at the G20.

Peter Martin The G20 finance ministers meeting in Brisbane has endorsed plans for boosting the global economy that go well beyond their earlier of 2 per cent by 2019.


The China-US climate change deal: Australia's coal exports at risk

Dark days: Coal mining under threat.

Peter Martin Dark days loom for Australia's coal industry if superpowers stick to agreement.

$51 billion black hole in Treasurer Joe Hockey's budget

Treasurer Joe Hockey during question time at Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday 28 October 2014. Photo: Andrew Meares

Peter Martin The perceived ''unfairness'' of Joe Hockey's first budget is partly to blame for a bleaker growth outlook for Australia than expected, an economist says.

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Employment to population ratio paints a bleak jobs picture

In October and also in September only 60.5 per cent of the working age population was in a job - the lowest mark in 10 years.

Peter Martin The Bureau of Statistics has the jobs numbers back on track. It has reworked its seasonal adjustment process to remove the wild gyrations of recent months that had called into question the entire...

Sunday Explainer. Why we will pay more for petrol, even though Parliament says no

Swedish car maker Volvo is grappling with how to meet tightening regulations for C02 emissions and fuel use.

Peter Martin Peter Martin examines the case for and against the rise in excise on petrol.

Clive Palmer keeps emissions trading scheme alive

Peter Martin dinkus

Peter Martin An emission trading scheme will be weighed up alongside the Coalition's direct action plan.

Gough Whitlam was no economic radical


Peter Martin Whitlam's critics say he wasn't an economist, but he was entitled to believe he didn't need to be. Aside from a brief recession at the start of the 1960s Australia had just experienced more than two...

A cut in company tax rate would benefit wage earners, says Treasury chief

Martin Parkinson, Secretary of the Department of Treasury.

Peter Martin As unlikely as it seems, wage earners would be big winners from a cut in company tax, the head of the Treasury says.

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Incredible but it might be true. More than 100,000 new jobs

Peter Martin dinkus Dinkus

Peter Martin Abbott promised 1 million new jobs in five years. At this rate he'll have them in seven months.

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Not so super: Labor's dumb idea

Ageing, population, retirement, pension, superannuation, lifestyle, work, relationship.

Peter Martin Lifting compulsory super contributions to 12 per cent was perhaps the dumbest idea Labor had.

Hockey has the right instincts, but has a long way to go to fix the economy

Joe Hockey

Peter Martin So confident was the Coalition that it could fire up the economy on winning office that it believed the mere act of getting elected would do much of the work.


Where's the plan for GDP growth?

Peter Martin dinkus

Peter Martin A "beautiful set of numbers" were the words used by former treasurer Paul Keating to describe the December 1989 national accounts. A few months later the economy slid into recession.

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Low-income earners hit hardest by Abbott super changes

super superannuation funds investment invest

Peter Martin, Gareth Hutchens Low income earners will be hit the hardest by changes to superannuation pushed through parliament this week after an agreement between Clive Palmer and the Abbott government, a new analysis shows.

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Superannuation: The Coalition helps the workers

Peter Martin

Peter Martin We've dodged a bullet. Had compulsory super contributions climbed as legislated Australian workers would have lost 0.5 per cent of wages from their next increase, 0.

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Hockey wants to decide super contribution rates himself

Treasurer Joe Hockey wants the power to determine superannuation contributions.

Peter Martin Treasurer Joe Hockey wants to take upon himself the power to set superannuation contributions, introducing a bill that would give him control over the rate rather than Parliament.

A dollar to light up: smokers brace for another jump in tobacco excise

The increase means the price of cigarettes for casual smokers will approach $1 a stick.

Peter Martin Cigarette taxes will jump by a hefty 13.7 per cent on Monday, the second of four outsized increases in as many years.

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