Crispin Hull

Crispin Hull

Crispin Hull is a weekly columnist for The Canberra Times

Gough Whitlam's policies reflected values

Crispin Hull Gough Whitlam's policies have endured because they were well thought out, long-term and underpinned by values.

Merits of higher, broader GST deserve debate

Crispin Hull

Crispin Hull Raising the GST and removing exemptions would result in a fairer tax system.

Labor must build on Gough Whitlam's reforms

Crispin Hull

Crispin Hull Labor is being held back by its foot-soldier mentality, and must assess its relationship with the unions.

Threat to Australians sparks Tony Abbott support

Crispin Hull Tony Abbott’s rating jumps after his `protect our people' speech to Parliament and the United Nations.

Need an inquiry? Just pick the right person for the job to get the answer you want

Crispin Hull Another week, another shift towards great inequality in Australia. Another week and another “independent” inquiry delivers precisely the recommendations that the government expected and...

Two good things Tony Abbott has done

Crispin Hull

Crispin Hull A search turns up a surprising total of two good thing the Abbot government has done

Labor will increase the GST- if it has the courage


Crispin Hull Labor could now stop the evolution towards paralysis in Australian politics with a bit of courage and boldness.

Stop wasting taxpayers' money on sport funding

Tony Abbott

Crispin Hull If the SPC fruit cannery and 5000 jobs isn't worth saving, why can’t the sportspeople stand on their own two feet?

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Crispin Hull

Public service insulates against slash and burn

Crispin Hull

Crispin Hull Are the fat cats lining themselves up a final plate of cream before the Abbott axe falls in September? A look at the most recent ABS average weekly earnings figures suggests so.

Crispin Hull

Time for Roxon to upset the litigation trough

Crispin Hull Putting the snout in the trough is far too gentle a metaphor to describe what the private legal profession has done to the Australian government, and therefore the Australian people, in the past 15...

Crispin Hull

The new can make the old so much better

Crispin Hull I have just finished reading Our Father, my sister's wonderful biography of our father, Robert Edward Davison Hull.

Crispin Hull

Changing how we vote might not go to plan

Crispin Hull On one matter, ideology goes out the window. Principle is of no moment. Political foes become expedient friends.

Crispin Hull

Never-ending welfare story a blight on all

Crispin Hull Governments seem terrified of any reform of middle-class or business welfare.

Crispin Hull

Let's not get too smug over gun laws in the US

Crispin Hull The hogwash delivered last week by the US National Rifle Association in response to the shootings in Connecticut can be fairly quickly dismissed by a comparison with Australia.

Crispin Hull

'Torpid' 'drowsy' ACT courts are still a legal joke

Crispin Hull A large sign spelling AON atop a 12-storey office block glares over the ACT Supreme Court building on the other side of London Circuit. It should act as a reminder and warning.

Crispin Hull

Sickening case of justice denied for five lost at sea

Crispin Hull Seven years after the loss at sea of two Australian immigration officers and three others, the search for accountability for the families appears to be whimpering to an end after a Court of Appeal...

COAG letting foxes guard the hen house

Crispin Hull State and territory governments are too inept, tainted by corruption and compromised for anyone to have any confidence in their capacity to make decisions on whether developments are environmentally...

Crispin Hull

Time to take the heat, then fight harder

Crispin Hull 'We're doomed; we're all doomed,'' as Private Frazer of Dad's Army fame would have it. Another report on climate change this week suggests the Arctic permafrost is melting more quickly and will...

Crispin Hull

GFC cowboys finally face the small fry

Crispin Hull In the big wash-up of the global financial crisis, we did not see the demise of too many big financial corporations.

Crispin Hull

This looks like a cash grab, in any language

Crispin Hull Do not feel guilty if English is your first language. Feel blessed. It obviates the need for you to learn English.