George Williams

George Williams

George Williams AO is one of Australia’s leading constitutional lawyers, having worked for many years as an academic and as a barrister. He is the Anthony Mason Professor, a Scientia Professor and the Foundation Director of the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law at the University of New South Wales. He is also an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow. George has written and edited 28 books, and has served on a number of public inquires.

Amendments could stymie PNG plan challenge

George Williams As expected, the Rudd government's PNG plan is being challenged in the courts.

George Williams

Law letting ASIO detain in secret belongs in a police state

Mohamed Haneef.

George Williams The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation is calling for more power. It wants the law to require telecommunications companies to store phone and internet data for two years.

George Williams

Time to get serious on recognising Aboriginal rights in the constitution

George Williams dinkus

George Williams The government was right to defer next year's referendum on recognising Aboriginal peoples in the constitution.

George Williams

Malaysia court case pitches minister against basic refugee rights

George Williams A High Court injunction has stopped the federal government's transfer of asylum seekers to Malaysia in its tracks.

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George Williams

Labor stalling may anoint Charles III


George Williams The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has said that the Queen should be Australia's last monarch. However, if steps are not taken now towards a republic, this will be impossible to achieve.

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George Williams

Law is no hindrance to locking up children

George Williams The last time Australia detained large numbers of children seeking asylum, things ended badly. Independent reports found that many suffered serious mental illness due to their treatment at our hands.

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George Williams

Child porn decision a bad look for MPs

George Williams The NSW Parliament has made an unwise and unfortunate decision not to refer evidence to the police that MPs or their staff may have accessed child pornography.

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George Williams

Bridle on outspoken charities was wrong

George Williams A High Court decision last week provided a big win for charities, and another big loss for the Tax Commissioner.

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George Williams

PM would be wise not to play catch-up with High Court

George Williams The Gillard government faces a tough task in responding to the High Court's recent asylum seeker decision.

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George Williams

Euthanasia bill needed for healthy democracy

George Williams Much of the debate around Bob Brown's euthanasia bill is misdirected. If enacted by the federal Parliament, it will not permit voluntary euthanasia.

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George Williams

When water pours into legal minefields


George Williams Water and Australian law do not mix. Managing our scarce resources seems, inevitably, to lead to legal dispute.

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George Williams

States could legalise same-sex marriage


George Williams When same-sex marriage is debated, many people assume it can only be brought about by the federal Parliament. They do so because marriage is regulated by the Commonwealth, not the states.

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George Williams

Old-style racism still in constitution

George Williams Julia Gillard has pledged a referendum on whether to recognise indigenous peoples in the constitution. She will be fortified in this by a move last week to achieve the same outcome in NSW.

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George Williams

Too much stability can be a problem


George Williams Stability has become the new catchcry of Australian politics. It is an understandable reaction to an extraordinary election in which the people failed to pick a winner, and so brought about a hung...

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George Williams

Electoral roll makes a mockery of election

Ballot box

George Williams We are heading to a federal election, but our electoral roll is being left behind. All evidence points to the fact 1.4 million Australians are missing from the roll and will be unable to vote.

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George Williams

Top judicial posts merit scrutiny

George Williams One of the greatest shows in Washington begins next week when Elena Kagan fronts a confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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