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Will Tony turn up this time around?

Heckler My first brush with representative democracy was a letdown. Did it have to be?


Enough of talk, let the games begin

Heckler dinkus

Heckler It's dragged on all year, this campaign, total predictability and half-truths from all parties. How about a bit of amusement over the last few days - change the format of the TV appearances of Rudd...


Preferably, none of above - or below

Heckler Don't stand between an Australian and an election-related whinge. Complaints about the record Senate ballot sheet are as predictable as a Today Tonight obesity story.

A load of tweets or a load of twits?

Heckler If you're reading this, you probably can't abide Andrew Bolt. The News Ltd commentator is sneering, sarcastic, bombastic.

Shattered feeling to be left at ballot box this election

Heckler Don't count on me this election.

Often bird-brained, certainly on very different flight paths

Heckler We have had a Peacock and a Hawke leading our country's political parties. The candidates in this election resemble an aviary full of noisy, mismatched and contradictory birds.

Chance for MPs to play role in reel-life dramas

HECKLER Someone once said politics was show business for ugly people. They could be right because this election campaign is looking more and more like a bad movie and, to paraphrase William Shakespeare, all...

Just remember to stay rubbery and keep smiling

Heckler We're getting to be a cynical and jaded lot, many of us out here in the electorate. It's reached the stage where some would rather sit through six episodes of Big Brother than face another appearance...

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Revolting beauty tips are hard to swallow

Heckler AS A graduate medical student one of the many topics I recently studied was eating disorders and their prevalence in Australia, particularly among female adolescents.


Point Percy at your peril, my dog has sharp teeth

Inside of a Dog,

Heckler I WAS working in the paddock and I noticed that the dog had suddenly jumped up from his normal resting place, under the gum tree, and started to stalk towards the front gate where a car had stopped.


Men, stand up for your right to sit

Heckler WE COME in all age groups: young, middle-aged, senior. We are baby-nursing, child-minding or half of a partnership. We want to be happy. We want our female better halves to be very happy.


Going my way, mind if I hop in?

Girls hitchhiking

Heckler IN MY 55 years, I have been a hitchhiker for more than 40 of them. Hitchhiking is my choice - a way of life I enjoy with all its ups and downs, its ins and outs.


Try a coat - it's better than a poke in the eye


Heckler IT'S just about that time of year again when a Sydney autumn begins to resemble the tropical monsoon season - don't worry, I'm not about to heckle about the weather.


Marital switch is ID theft


Heckler IDENTITY theft is a contemporary challenge, yet our society is still happy to promote mass change of identity - but only for women.


Pressed for time? Don't get me started

Heckler OVER the course of my 26 years, I have crossed at traffic lights on numerous occasions. I can't provide a definite figure, but I can say that most days I use traffic lights in my capacity as a...


It's much cheaper to stay in bed

Heckler HERE we are, an overweight nation which is apparently getting bigger by the minute, yet instead of actively encouraging children and adults to get off the couch, the sporting associations of this...


Bob, you can love reading and sport - just try it


Heckler I'M A librarian and have just attended a conference where Bob Carr, a man I've admired since I worked in the Consolidated Press library when he wrote for The Bulletin, gave a speech about reading.


Not much cause for a tea party


Heckler IT'S TEA, people. It's not rocket science or brain surgery, not even as hard as getting all your media outlets sorted together on one remote control.


Privacy decrees gone mad

Heckler YOU KNOW what really gets my back up? It's privacy laws. I know, they are meant to keep our affairs private. But why do they work only one way?


A late entry that has ushers fuming


Heckler I THINK it's time people learned a basic rule when it comes to attending the theatre. Turn up on time! Latecomers! Urgh! Yes, by all means make a night of it.