GPs can be a right pain

Heckler As a healthy person I didn't seek a family doctor until after I had children. After a couple of misses, I found a fantastic GP - caring, genuine and great with the kids.


How to hit a sour note

Heckler I AM fed up and I can't take it any more, so I am sending a warning. The hordes of the rude and the sick that insist on going to the Opera House concert hall have tried their best to ruin the music...


Don't dump on my kerb

Old couch.

Heckler As I walk the streets, there is nothing quite like spring in Sydney. Jasmine lazily breathes its mystic scent over the garden walls. Jacarandas hint at their promise of purple joy.


Give me a non- automatic brake


Heckler MY CAR'S headlights turn on by themselves and stay on when I stop and get out. I did not ask them to do that. When I drive off, all the doors lock. I did not ask them to do that, either.


Pardonnez moi, please excuse my English

Heckler I've just read Harriet Veitch's Heckler column ''Mon dieu! It's a nightmare'' (October 4). I am French, but I fully agree that French is hard to learn as a second language.


Beware the roar of the toothy tiger

Heckler MY 10-YEAR-OLD daughter had a friend over on Friday afternoon. Dusk fell and it seemed appropriate to invite the friend to stay for dinner.


The burden of proof

Heckler I don't know when the practice of companies requiring customers to give their date of birth as a form of identification started.


Still hung up over Telstra


Heckler Telstra is like an old boyfriend. The relationship where you had great sex (with plenty of speed and coverage) but at too high a cost.


Mon dieu! It's a nightmare

Heckler Have you ever considered learning French? Don't do it, OK? Save yourself hours of despair and do something useful instead.

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Just answer the question

Heckler TWO words, two tiny, loaded English words, are rapidly becoming obsolete. Two important words treading the path of extinction are on my barometer for declining standards in civilisation.


Madness of the machine

Heckler I HAVE just received another phone call from my bank. Or at least I think it was from my bank. I'm not sure. It was the fifth call I've had from NAB in three days.

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Doing the right thing

Heckler I can't understand the thinking behind the ''personal view'' of the NSW Liberal leader, Barry O'Farrell, opposing ethics classes as a complement to special religious education classes.


Dissecting a problem

Heckler "Don't eat the whole elephant at once!" I was saying. "Maybe think about …" Dividing? No, that's not the word I want, but it's something like that.


Books you have to read

Heckler I'M HAVING trouble with the proclivity among women of a certain age of giving each other reading material.


Crushed by life without my raspberry

Heckler My lipstick has been discontinued. Yes, okay, sorry chaps, I know that many of you aren't interested in this but just shut up and go away, would you?


MasterChef monsters

Simon Letch illustration

Heckler Junior MasterChef is taking all the fun out of cooking with my daughters. Making fairy bread doesn't cut it any more. They want serious training for future auditions.


Stop buying, start saving

Heckler I'M GOING out on a limb here, but should we really be calling talking about a housing affordability ''crisis''? Or is it more the case that people can't amass a deposit because they are too busy...


Gloves could lend a hand

Heckler It used to be that some people lacked a filter between their brain and their mouth, but a new strain of this disease is now affecting fingers, and it's getting worse.

The Heckler

Getting on my nerves

Heckler YOU'VE probably never met your sciatic nerves. At least, not if you're lucky.


English for dummies

Heckler Living abroad for more than a decade, I have observed with voyeuristic fascination the creeping bastardisation of the English language in Australia.