Jack Waterford

Jack Waterford

Jack Waterford is Editor-at-large, The Canberra Times

We didn't burn the Australian film industry

Jack Waterford I not not think that there is any ad which leaves me as unmoved as the that accusing people who watch pirate movies of burning up the Australian film industry.

Public servants should not lightly surrender policy pre-eminence


Jack Waterford Today, by contrast, the direct access of public servants, even at the most senior levels, to ministers is quite restricted.

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Was Arthur Sinodinos saved by his minders?

Jack Waterford The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry that has enmeshed Liberal minister Arthur Sinodinos may be a turning point in fighting the entrenched bipartisan business of corrupt crony...

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Adrift in a sea of Tory blue

Jack Waterford The republic of the Australian Capital Territory may well be a red island in the middle of a sea of blue monarchies on Sunday, but, for Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten, navigation is not going to get...

Political leaders dilute their power when they try to manage, control and strait-jacket their followers

Jack Waterford Micromanagement has its own inexorable corrective and - if recent Australian history is any guide - a fairly fatal one. So why are political leaders so attracted to the practice?

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Qantas encounters turbulence as it flies its flag into big storm

Jack Waterford It's by no means clear what government can or should do for a Qantas, or any corporations iconic or not, in its position.

Six months on, it's time Labor got off the floor

Jack Waterford Six months on, Shorten shows no strategy, won't defend Labor's record and offers no alternative vision.

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Practised in the arts of deception

Jack Waterford Robert Armstrong, secretary of the British cabinet, famously called it being ''economical with the truth''.

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Abbott has little to gain at a byelection for six Senate seats

Jack Waterford Abbott has little to gain at a by-election for six Senate seats - but fighting it could badly affect his momentum.

Joe Hockey holds fast for now

Joe Hockey.

Jack Waterford The Treasurer is taking personal responsibility for a crusade his own side - and leader - may not let him win

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David Eastman case suffocated by jurisdiction challenges


Jack Waterford Four more lawyers, led by senior counsel, Ian Freckelton, joined the bar tables yesterday at the inquiry into doubts about whether David Eastman was rightly convicted of the 1989 murder of Assistant...

Poking a stick in hornet's nest stirs up Indonesian relations

Immigration minister Scott Morrison

Jack Waterford Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has virtually declared victory in recent days.

Barry O'Farrell's belly put to torch by moral panic

Jack Waterford One of the tests of character of the modern politician is how well they stand up to moral panics.

Jack Waterford: Hockey is set to wield the knife


Jack Waterford Most notable in the economic statement was the Coalition abandoning the majority of its old prescripts.

Jack Waterford

New tenants having a party

Jack Waterford Armies and defence departments are always being accused of being prepared to refight the last war rather than fight the new one, but for governments, similar mistakes are just as fatal.

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Judge and judgment in the spotlight

Jack Waterford The Eastman inquiry will have a sensational start on Guy Fawkes Day when counsel for the judge who presided over the 1995 trial seeks leave to appear to protect his good name against aspersions he...

One for the pin, not a sword

Jack Waterford There's hardly ever been an election at which an incoming prime minister has not hoped that Parliament will be a kinder, more respectful place, without the raucous brawling and vituperation of the...

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Eastman inquiry faces roadblocks

Jack Waterford A $4 million review of Eastman's murder conviction starts soon, but the DPP is trying to close it down.

Labor should pick all its scabs

Jack Waterford Nicola Roxon has been roundly chided, not least by journalists, for letting it all hang out in her John Button lecture so far as the failings and the bastardries of Kevin Rudd were concerned.

Indulged rorters: the black and white facts

Jack Waterford An indigenous organisation finds itself plagued by problems of governance, management, transparency and accountability, and allegations of nepotism, fraud, and misappropriation of money