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Rosie Batty

Rosie Batty reveals the self-doubt, grief and strength she found as Australian of the Year

Jenna Price Huge self-doubt, total exhaustion; so much grief and the little bookshelf Rosie Batty has devoted to her son Luke.

Australian of the Year Rosie Batty calls on PM Tony Abbott to reinstate community services

Jenna Price Rosie Batty has questioned the government's double standard undervaluing the roles axed workers play in front line community services. Jenna Price reports.

Joe Hockey's numbers racket

Treasuer Joe Hockey

Jenna Price I admit it. Between 1979 and 1981, I was a welfare recipient.

It's agreed. Tony Abbott is unpopular enough to survive


Jenna Price It’s always good to have a mix of people over, isn’t it? People you know really well. People you’ve only just met. Serves to make the conversation a little more lively.

Joe Hockey sympathises; no, really he does

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Jenna Price In just seven days, I can make you a man. Someone's been singing that Rocky Horror Picture Show tune in Joe Hockey's ear this week, as the Treasurer moves among his people.

Unitarians for a civil, inclusive Australia

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Jenna Price Australia’s next best hope may just be sitting in a simple church in East Melbourne.

We are all Matilda, betrayed by Tony Abbott

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Jenna Price Just like in Matilda: The Musical we have a government which isn't standing up for us. It's standing with the overdog.

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Mind the gap: health reform must ease costs


Jenna Price We need to make sure that whatever the government decides to do to change our health services, it doesn't make any of us worse off.

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Coalition's GP co-payment leaves patients out in the cold


Jenna Price Co-payments may just be five or six bucks to some of us, but they can also be a reason not to seek medical advice.

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Liberal senator attacks party's promotion of women

Liberal Senator Sue Boyce addresses the Senate on recognition of international same sex marriages at Parliament House Canberra on Thursday 20 June 2013. Photo: Andrew Meares

Jenna Price Queensland Senator Sue Boyce has attacked the Liberal Party's inability to recruit and promote women.

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Let's not forget how many of us are refugees

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Jenna Price Racism is not a reason to turn away refugees.

Staying familiar with yourself

Jenna Price On not enough Sundays, I go into my bedroom in the late afternoon with the last light coming in through the windows.

Let your children go

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Jenna Price You won't regret it if your children take some time out after school and go on a gap year.

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Roxon shows there's still an imbalance

Families working mothers babies balance generic

Jenna Price When Nicola Roxon announced her resignation from Federal Parliament, I started shouting at the television.

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The secret to a long and happy marriage

Wedding cake...Mother and child sitting at the bottom of the cake 

Jenna Price Tomorrow is our 30th wedding anniversary. The most common response when I mention this has been: ''How on earth did you do that?''

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Pay gap exists, but it's not just women losing out

Matt Davidson colour illustration. For Opinion 05-01-2013.

The gender pay gap / a chasm in the shape of a long chain of dollar signs separate men and women. The woman stands alone on the lower, pink side of the gap while the man stands higher on the blue side of the gap.


Jenna Price According to replies I received in response to a column I wrote a few weeks ago, there is no real gender pay gap.

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Eye-witness account a stark reminder

Domestic violence generic

Jenna Price When we read last week that three young women working as promotional staff at Summernats were allegedly attacked, we felt a sense of dread.

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The great gender pay divide

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Jenna Price There is still a culture of denial around the gender pay gap.

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Women cut apart by surgical culture

Group of doctors at work in an operating theater

Jenna Price When I decided to have my entire vagina reconstructed, it wasn't just the fear of the operation that held me back.

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Get packing

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Jenna Price My favourite foul-weather friend, the fabulous ''Good Penni'', is always well-prepared for her trips. She does what I think she calls a ''trial pack''.