John Warhurst

John Warhurst

John Warhurst is an emeritus professor of political science at the Australian National University.

Canberra's power couples reflect the make-up of our city

John Warhurst

John Warhurst The invitation to rank Canberra's  10 most powerful couples for last Sunday's Canberra Times was not just an opportunity to reflect on the couples themselves but on the notion of power itself.

Australian political mix delivers strange times and unconvincing leaders

John Warhurst

John Warhurst Australian politics is particularly hard to read at the moment. 

Arthur Sinodinos' transition from politics to business and back again can be a path fraught with peril

John Warhurst Dinkus

John Warhurst Arthur Sinodinos' transition from politics to business and back again can be a path fraught with peril.

John Warhurst

Centrist Liberals need stronger voice

John Warhurst Liberal blue is the colour of Australian politics at the moment, just what these Liberals stand for should not be overlooked.

Much at stake in Western Australian senate election

John Warhurst There has never been anything like it in Australian political history.

John Warhurst

History points to fractious future for Labor-Greens

John Warhurst Relations between the Greens and Labor have broken down at both the federal and state level. Last year the Greens withdrew their support from the 2010 agreement with the Gillard Labor government...


PM can't stamp out factions

John Warhurst Factions are so embedded they won't be easily eliminated.

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Winning office has its perks

John Warhurst Government appointments have been in the news all year.

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Jesuit influence overplayed

 SUNDAY  AGE    crucifix pic  SUPPLIED via  Barney Zwartz 4th November 2008  SPECIAL

John Warhurst It has been a big year for the Jesuit Order around the world with the election of one of their own, Jorge Bergoglio from Argentina, as Pope Francis.

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Nationals itching to be Coalition of the still willing

John Warhurst Dinkus

John Warhurst In both arenas the Nationals have made an uncertain start.

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A new life for the party

John Warhurst The political party system is crying out for new ideas, including more participatory democracy.

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Greens back in the game

The Age News
15th July 2013
Picture by Wayne Taylor
Australias Youth Climate Cabinet in Melbourne town hall today.
Greens leader Christine Milne.

John Warhurst Kevin Rudd's 'lurch to the right' has given Christine Milne's party a chance to make a mark at the election.

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Public sector scapegoats

John Warhurst

John Warhurst Delays, overspends and mismanagement, but government projects are no worse than private equivalents.

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John Warhurst

Much for PM to worry about, but new team not on the list

John Warhurst T he negative reaction by the media to the retirement of two federal ministers, Nicola Roxon and Chris Evans, played into the hands of the opposition.

John Warhurst

Territories are hotbeds of interest for federal election

John Warhurst Federal politics in the territories looks like being especially interesting this year.

John Warhurst

Politics, players, power of sport

Illustration by Matt Davidson of people playing various sports

John Warhurst The sport that so many of us watch over summer is not just relaxation but a window into Australian society and politics.

John Warhurst

All in all, a pretty grubby year

John Warhurst

John Warhurst The political year has been remarkable for its intensity and for its aggressive personal abuse. Various end-of-year assessments have condemned it as a grisly year full of personal abuse and character...

John Warhurst

ACT's 'alliance' a litmus test

John Warhurst What sort of political animal is the Labor-Green arrangement in the ACT?

John Warhurst

Stand up Australia, stop the royal naming cringe

John Warhurst Constitutional monarchies like Australia can't escape having their cultural landscape flooded with landmarks, large and small, named after their monarchs.

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Plenty to ponder in biggest call of all

John Warhurst Shane Rattenbury's position as the balance of power holder in the new ACT Assembly has been portrayed as one of great power and influence when really it is a very difficult one.

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