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Karen Hardy is the Relax Editor at The Canberra Times.

Biff Ward's untold stories In My Mother's Hands

Karen Hardy Author Biff Ward tells Karen Hardy shocking but true accounts of life in her mother's hands.

Take three

Sand sunrise, billabong and a blaze

Karen Hardy Karen Hardy delves into the world of fiction with three reviews.

Loyal Creatures by Morris Gleitzman

Karen Hardy Inspired by War Horse, children's author Morris Gleitzman wanted to write something that reflected the experience of young Australians at war.

Loyal creatures inspired Morris Gleitzman

Making links: Morris Gleitzman says it's important to tell stories from our nation's history.

Karen Hardy Morris Gleitzman was intrigued by the relationship between man and horse during war, writes Karen Hardy.

Need a break from holidays? Here's a trick or two to try

Karen Hardy

Karen Hardy We're about halfway through school holidays. How are you coping? We've had our moments, I'll be the first to admit.

Karen Hardy

A daily focus for a whole new year

Karen Hardy Last December, I wrote a column about New Year resolutions. Ten things I promised myself I wouldn't do in 2012.

Karen Hardy

Christmas brings hope impossible dreams can come true

Karen Hardy Dear Santa, I now a lot of people, doubt your actual existence but I'm writing today to let you know that I still believe.

Karen Hardy

Equip the children for life, make them swim

Karen Hardy I WOULD like us all to jump into the deep end and talk about swimming. I know I'm a good week behind the times, but who else is being run off their feet at this end of the school year?

Forget cataclysmic events, revel in the small stuff

TOPSHOTS-A woman dressed as

Karen Hardy By all accounts the world could end in 20 days. It's quite depressing reading if you Google it with talk of ''cataclysmic'' events such as the arrival of the ''solar maximum'', which is an...

He may be rusty, but Crowe's still the family man

Russell Crowe

Karen Hardy Observations from the week that was.

Let's hope PM's telework push births new age of life

Karen Hardy

Karen Hardy Some of the best days I've had at work have been when I've been at home. I am lucky to be working in a profession that enables me, upon occasion, to work from places other than my desk in Fyshwick.

Karen Hardy

Nuke the negative, instead try a little tenderness

Karen Hardy I met someone outside the butcher's the other day who came up to me and said ''you're that Karen Hardy from The Canberra Times, aren't you?''. It's always a worry when this happens.

America's big decision hangs on little things

Karen Hardy There are weeks when there's nothing to write about. Weeks when the most exciting thing I've come across is a blog about tea cosies; when the most exciting thing I've done is get a streak of green...

Parents need to decide right time to talk sex

Karen Hardy ''Mum, how do you make twins?'' my nine-year-old son asked the other day. ''Do you just do it for longer?''

Karen Hardy

What makes a good wife?

Scene from the play with John Adams and Hariet Dyer.

Karen Hardy I recently received an invitation to The School for Wives. I wasn't surprised. I'm not a very good wife. Someone out there must have noticed and signed me up. I wasn't complaining.

Karen Hardy

In praise of a Dad who has always cared

Karen Hardy

Karen Hardy I'm having a lot of trouble starting this column as I'm finding it hard to find just one story that sums up my dad.

Karen Hardy

A world without knowledge can be a riot

Karen Hardy I sometimes feel like such a faker in this job. People expect you to have an opinion, to be on top of the news, to be a concerned and proactive member of society, interested in politics and policy...

Karen Hardy

Erotic fiction: a growing, blushing phenomenon

Michaelie Clark from Warrnambool Books holding Fifty Shades of Grey they are also having a ladies night next week at the Last Coach talking about this book and others.

Karen Hardy ''Come here,'' he called, in a forceful voice. It was the tone he used when I was in trouble. It was early morning and we had just woken up after a listless night. I was tired and feeling vulnerable.

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Karen Hardy

Yen to win is a good thing, and needs nurturing

Karen Hardy Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates caused a bit of a stink during the week when he dared to suggest that if Australia wanted to improve future Olympic results then perhaps we should...

Karen Hardy

Big childcare choices need to be made

Leaving your investment in the hands of babes, MELB.  020322.AFR.PIC BY ERIN JONASSON #FIRST USE AFR PLEASE.# GENERIC HOLD FOR FILES.  baby, money, cash, indoors, Banks, bank, superannuation, cost of living, children, child care costs,  Babies hand on silver coins, education costs, child care, 

Karen Hardy I still have days, I'll admit, where the idea of 24/7 childcare seems like a good idea. Is it possible to put my children into care between the hours of four and eight, have someone else feed them,...