Nicholas Stuart

Nicholas Stuart

Nic Stuart is a Canberra writer.

Finding the centre of Liberals' clouded ideology

Nicholas Stuart Theoretically, the Liberal party should be on top of the world. So why have things gone belly-up?

A new direction in aid, but is it the right one?

Nicholas Stuart

Nicholas Stuart Julie Bishop says she’s acted to wrestle back control of the aid agenda. This isn’t about waste, for her it’s seemingly about focus.

Nicholas Stuart

Politicians must prove they are worthy


Nicholas Stuart We elect politicians to represent us... We expect them to meet a higher standard.

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Senator Stephen Conroy will prove a problem for Labor over defence

Nicholas Stuart Stephen Conroy still doesn't really understand how he stuffed up, and that's the real story.

New enemies, new challenges for next defence white paper

Nicholas Stuart Australia's next defence white paper will have to urgently address entirely new threats to our security.

Christopher Pyne, the joker in pack, could bring down Tony Abbott

Christopher Pyne

Nicholas Stuart Pyne seems determined to take a shortcut to electoral oblivion.

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Sea dragons not toys for egotistical, young koala


Nicholas Stuart If enough time passes strange, even wondrous things can happen - you might find yourself, for example, actually agreeing with Alexander Downer.

Shake off phone taps and shake on friendships

Nicholas Stuart Spying revelations are highly complex and there are only a few people who can really say anything knowledgeable about them.

Plibersek's our favourite pollie but will she remain so?

New Minister for Health Tanya Plibersek

Nicholas Stuart We've had the election and the results are in. We should be able to determine - exactly - who is our most popular politician.

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Labor still not listening and is on road to nowhere


Nicholas Stuart Frankly, Labor needn't bother until it has a real answer to fundamental issues.

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Nicholas Stuart

Gala was great but navy fleet no plain sailing

Crowds gather on the Sydney Harbour foreshore for the 2013 Naval Review fireworks display.

Nicholas Stuart If the fleet is going to be able to provide the capacity we expect, the RAN needs to be funded appropriately.

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Labor must redefine and say goodbye to Rudd

Nicholas Stuart This election result is a disaster beyond belief for the left. Labor's lowest vote in a century.

Nicholas Stuart

Telling glimpse past facade

Illustration: Pat Campbell

Nicholas Stuart Although not normally known for either an instinctive understanding of scientific concepts or a specific grasp of quantum mechanics, political strategists are obsessed with the idea of ''momentum''.

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Both parties on the wrong track

Nicholas Stuart Instead of plans for nation building, baubles and giveaways have dominated the election campaign.

Rudd Mark II's moving too fast for Abbott to snipe at

Nicholas Stuart

Nicholas Stuart The Prime Minister is focused on winning and Abbott needs to fight fire with fire.

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The strange case of Dr Kev

Illustration: Pat Campbell

Nicholas Stuart Will the loveable Dr Kevin be able to outrun the horrific reality of Mr Rudd?

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Truth is, nothing's changed

Nicholas Stuart

Nicholas Stuart I've been weighing up putting my name forward for preselection in Julia Gillard's former seat of Lalor.

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Nicholas Stuart

Pregnant pause needed for alcohol awareness

Nicholas Stuart ADHD has become quite an acceptable label to paste on children, but what if the problem is something else?

Nicholas Stuart

Climate change is the existential crisis with us right now

Nicholas Stuart When Parliament resumes on Tuesday after the Christmas break, it's presented with a stark choice. It can seize the opportunity to discuss the fires and the floods; the devastation and the losses and...

Nicholas Stuart

Climate change solution gets lost in political fog

Colour Illustration by Harry Afentoglou
Australia / BBQ / Earth / Globe / Climate Change

Nicholas Stuart I can't help it: I'm a contrarian. Whenever the weather bureau predicts there's "a 95 per cent probability of rain" I'm willing to bet it will be dry.