Paul Malone

Did Abbott believe he had his twin-towers moment with airliner's shooting down?

Paul Malone Prime Minister Tony Abbott must have believed he'd found his 9/11 moment when he fronted the media immediately after the Malaysian airliner tragedy.

Local tax rules rendered toothless without multinational co-operation


Paul Malone Australia's largest coalminer, Glencore, was last month rocked by a report by Michael West, business columnist for Fairfax Media, saying it had paid almost zero tax during the past three years on its...

Pledging beyond means haunts Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Paul Malone No matter how you look at it, it's near impossible to see how Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey can get out of the budget trap they have set for themselves.

PBO admits to cost doubts

By Paul Malone, Bianca Hall Many of the official costings the government has used to justify its budget-tightening credentials are unreliable.

Federal belt-tightening figures deemed wobbly

Treasurer Joe Hockey

Paul Malone and Bianca Hall Many of the official costings the federal government has used to justify its budget-tightening credentials are unreliable.

Budget office deems billions in savings unreliable

Joe Hockey.

Paul Malone, Bianca Hall Many of the official costings the government has used to justify its budget-tightening credentials are unreliable.

Reality blights the meet and greet

Paul Malone Although most voters don't think so, it's worth giving up television on a Tuesday night to attend a forum of political candidates in a marginal seat.

Coalition talks in shapes not figures

Paul Malone

Paul Malone Today there are many who claim that the government over-did the stimulus package after the 2008 crisis.

PS must walk a fine line to election day

Paul Malone For months, Tony Abbott has been trying to invoke caretaker conventions to stop the government from governing.

Paul Malone

Abbott PS purge on the cards

Paul Malone TONY ABBOTT will have the opportunity to emulate his hero John Howard and purge the senior ranks of the public service if he wins government in seven months' time.

Paul Malone

It's IT's little things that annoy

Paul Malone 'ADOBE Flash Player Update Available.'' Is there any more annoying pop-up on your computer screen than this notice?

Paul Malone

When perceptions don't add up

Paul Malone POLLS repeatedly show the public believes the Coalition is best able to manage the Australian economy.

Paul Malone

Trials of taxing a passing phase

Paul Malone TO FORECAST revenue from the Mining Resource Rent Tax (MRRT), start by sacrificing a goat and scattering its entrails, Deloitte Access Economics suggested in November 2011.

Paul Malone

Keating consumed with bitterness

Paul Malone It seems former prime minister Bob Hawke and treasurer Paul Keating will never be reconciled, with the two still at odds over events from nearly 30 years ago.

Paul Malone

An Asian vision blinkered by greed

Paul Malone The white paper on Australia in the Asian Century is a catalogue of things Australians can do to benefit from changes happening in Asia.

Paul Malone

Media balance at a tipping point

Paul Malone WATCHING the commercial television news, you have to wonder what chance doctors and scientists have of informing the community about the real health risks we face.

Paul Malone

Howard's sketchy memory on Iraq

Paul Malone EVERY politician tries to rewrite history to his or her own advantage but if the rewrite is too far-fetched, they are likely to get caught out.

Army chiefs must avoid politics

Paul Malone If you want to spark interest in a conference there are few better ways to do so than a front-page splash in a newspaper.

Paul Malone

Greens machine rolls on

Paul Malone WITH the departure of Greens leader Bob Brown, conservatives might be tempted to conclude that the radical left party will go the way of the Australian Democrats and fade from the Australian...

Paul Malone

Down and dirty in parliament

Paul Malone YOUTUBE wasn't around in April 1939 when Earle Page launched his attack on United Australia Party Leader Robert Menzies, but had it been, the speech certainly would have flashed around the country,...