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Political parallel universes

The Goanna Why are we waiting? Independents baiting Parties remonstrating Why are we waiting Greens celebrating Coalition agitating Democracy re-arranging Why are we waiting? So bloody long . . .

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Our Twitter election

The Goanna This election has been called frustrating, spin-full and certainly underwhelming. Fair call says Goanna.

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Sex v God. Or, you couldn't make this stuff up

The Goanna A lot of political junkies have been hanging out for a second hit of election debate. We just might get it now, with Julia revealing she's keen for another televised bust up.

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Take over of the fake Julias

The Goanna Impersonating politicians has long been apart of the Australian political landscape. In fact there is a veritable industry of ''fakes''.

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Please, Julia - stop moving forward!

The Goanna Dear Julia (Goolia) Gillard, I'm not sure why I might be writing this to you. I guess I just don't have the heart to let you keep going as you are, walking head first into a stinker of a political...

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Does anyone still want to go barefoot bowling with Kev?

The Goanna Many politics nerds will now be looking at the series of events that led up to one of the more remarkable coups in recent Australian political memory, trying to dissect the past to a subatomic level.

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