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Join the Herald's news haiku competition

Join our daily news haiku competition for the chance to have your words turned into a video animation by The Sydney Morning Herald's celebrated artists and cartoonists.

The competition topic on a news story of that day and may be serious, light or in-between. The topic will be announced during the morning.

To enter, write your haiku on the topic and send it to scoop@smh.com.au by 3pm with 'News haiku' in the subject field, or tweet using #newshaiku.

Rocco Fazzari, John Shakespeare, Cathy Wilcox, Simon Letch and Simon Bosch will take it in turns to decide which is the best to illustrate in a 10-15 second video animation, to be published by the end of each day on www.smh.com.au and on our mobile site m.smh.com.au.

The topic for Friday 4nd July:

Inappropriate conduct on public transport



Haiku rules

Haiku are brief Japanese poems with simple but strict rules. They must have no more than 17 syllables over three lines, which must be split 5,7,5.

We will be illustrating the winning haiku each day, so you should try to give our artists something to work with. Think about visual imagery when writing. Good luck!