Federal Politics

Federal Election 2013

Labor MPs at odds over Kevin Rudd's future

Kevin Rudd with wife Therese Rein.

Outgoing Labor frontbencher Brendan O’Connor has ensured that the flames of acrimony continue to burn in the Labor camp, as he called on Kevin Rudd to leave federal parliament.

Micro-manager behind independents


The strategist behind the likely surprise election to the Senate of three minor party candidates, Glenn Druery, owns a lobbying firm selling itself to business as able to ''build a productive working relationship with Independent and minor party MPs''.

Abbott may be forced to woo Greens

tony abbott

Tony Abbott spent three years lambasting Labor for its deals with the Greens but the incoming prime minister may be forced to rely on Greens support to implement his signature election policy, paid parental leave.

Twitter blackout for nation's diplomats


Kevin Rudd may be vanquished - but Australia's diplomats are being urged not to be too eager to spread the word about their onetime colleague's political demise.