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Bum rap: MC Crean sings Labor's praises

After Craig Emerson's "No Whyalla Wipeout" get ready for Simon Crean's "It's still time".

Arts minister Simon Crean made a splash in Western Sydney, launching into freestyle while visiting a local organisation in Parramatta. Mr Crean had no need for red speedos, however - the feat was one of lyrics rather than physique.

On a visit to Switch Digital Arts Centre run by non-government community arts organisation ICE, Mr Crean laid down the impromptu rap as part of a song being recorded by young people engaging with community through creative arts. His words harked back to Gough Whitlam's "It's Time" campaign, launched 40 years ago today in Blacktown.

We're all collaborating and listening

Cos' ICE is the west-sydney region,

Community art with digital media


This rap is coming from me to ya'

Simon Crean is the minister for the arts

Arts minister on the road comin' at ya' from ICE

And it's been a long road since Whitlam established it

From India to Parramatta we all know it's art that matters

And it's been a forty year experience.

It's still time

It's time!

Men and women and everyone of Australia!

“While I'm not known for my singing ability, I made my singing debut 40 years ago in the televised rendition of It's Time." Mr Crean said. "I wasn't inundated with subsequent opportunities – but I'm hoping my rap line will make the final cut.”

It surely will, with ICE voicing their appreciation on Twitter after the performance. "Your rap was ace we're going to put it online all ova the place (if that's ok!)", they said, sharing a bevy of Instagram-style pictures of Mr Crean striking rapper poses in studio.

Indeed the performance has caused a bit of a stir on the social media network, with some users brainstorming potential rap names for the minister. Among the suggestions so far: Lil' Crean, H to the Otham, MP-MC, and - of course - Ice Crean.

The success of the "It's Time" campaign was largely attributed to its effective use of music and television - the democratic media of their day. With the next federal election fewer than twelve months out, expect plenty more social media antics from both sides.

Watch Simon Crean's rap here