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Give Joe Hockey a break, Jacquie Lambie tells

Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie says she feels sorry for Joe Hockey, accusing his colleagues of abandoning the Treasurer as he attempts to sell his unpopular budget.

But the Palmer United Party senator has warned that sympathy will not lead to her changing her mind on a raft of budget cuts proposed by the Coalition government.

Senator Lambie's comments came after she met Treasury officials in Canberra on Tuesday and as Mr Hockey prepared to meet PUP leader Clive Palmer to discuss budget measures designed to reduce government debt and cut federal spending, including the $7 GP payment, rises in university fees and cuts to pensions.

Mr Hockey will fly from Brisbane to Perth on Wednesday to meet PUP senator Dio Wang, the final in a series of meetings with Senate crossbenchers for which the Treasurer has criss-crossed the country.

Senator Lambie said the budget ''was really tough and the rest of the Liberal Party has started to move away from him. It wasn't just Joe's budget it was the Liberal Party's budget,'' she said.

''I'm really disappointed - they call themselves this team and they've left Joe out there to hang - I find that quite disgusting. I can see why Joe is getting pissed, I don't blame him. It wasn't just Joe - while he's out there trying to sell the budget, the rest are doing a runner on him.''

Despite her sympathy for Mr Hockey, Senator Lambie said the PUP ''still doesn't agree with their budget measures''.

''They can cut their plans down and stop hitting the low-income workers, stop hitting university students, stop hitting those who are on welfare,'' she said, confirming she opposed the $7 GP co-payment and pensions cuts, and thought pensioners should receive an extra $150 a fortnight ''to take them off the poverty line''.

As well, Senator Lambie said she wanted about $45 million in additional funding for the Tasmanian freight equalisation scheme, which helps reduce freight costs for shipping goods between the mainland and her home state.