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Julie Bishop interrupted by animal activists during Los Angeles speech

US animal rights activists have interrupted Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop's appearance at a Los Angeles university.

The activists, holding up bloody, graphic photos of livestock and calling for an end to Australia's live animal exports, held their protest during a question-and-answer session on Friday on the UCLA campus as part of the G'Day USA program.

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Bishop confronted by activists in LA

An talk by Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop in Los Angeles is interrupted by animal rights activists calling for an end to Australia's live animal exports.

"Can I talk to you later?" Ms Bishop asked activist Amanda Copeland.

Ms Copeland declined the invitation and kept describing what she said was the inhumane treatment of Australia's live export animals.

Some of the 100 or so audience members, including US and Australian officials, told the activist to "sit down".

Ms Bishop, who had been discussing the role of Australia, the US and China in the Asia-Pacific, calmed the room by allowing Ms Copeland to continue.


"Let her go," the foreign minister said from the stage.

Soon after Ms Copeland finished, another activist, Glenn Alexander, stood up and continued to lambast Australia's live export trade.

Two UCLA police officers, armed with guns and Tasers, arrived and led Mr Alexander out of the room.

Ms Bishop agreed to privately speak to a third activist when the Q&A event concluded.

Ms Copeland, of the Earth Peace Foundation, said she had unsuccessfully tried to set up a meeting with the Australian Consulate in LA so took her message directly to Ms Bishop.

"We feel very strongly this must end," Ms Copeland said.

"This is a blight on Australia."