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Labor calls for donations to set up party news service

Should we be afraid?

The Australian Labor Party is on the brink of a brave new internal reform. And it has nothing to do with preselections or union influence.  

National secretary George Wright sent an email to supporters on Wednesday afternoon announcing that the ALP will start its very own media outlet - "a bit like Labor's own Crikey".

"You've told us that you can see the Labor message isn't making it through the mainstream media and we have to produce our own news service," he wrote. 

Promising "handy facts, interesting articles and video" the new Labor news aims to be "no nonsense" and without the "filter" of the mainstream media. 

"We'll send a daily bulletin out to everyone who signs up so you can get up to date information on what's happening each day. A bit like Labor's own Crikey," Mr Wright explained. 


To get the project up and running, the ALP is calling for donations from supporters to employ "hopefully a news journalist with experience online" at the cost of about $95,000. 

Donations aside, suggestions for Labor journalists have poured in since the announcement, under the Twitter hashtag "LaborHerald". 

Former foreign minister Bob Carr has been suggested for lifestyle and travel features, while Craig Thomson has been put forward for entertainment. 

Former star recruits Cheryl Kernot and Maxine McKew have been nominated for obituaries. 

And Malcolm Turnbull has been picked out as foreign correspondent.

Better hold the front page. 

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