SUPERMARKET giants Woolworths and Coles are the target of a new television commercial designed to highlight the companies' poker machine businesses and pressure the companies to adopt a $1 maximum bet limit.

The launch comes after Tasmanian independent Andrew Wilkie and Prime Minister Julia Gillard met yesterday, for just the second time since he withdrew support for her in January.

Following Peter Slipper's rise to the Speaker, the government no longer relied on Mr Wilkie's support and reneged on its pokies agreement. But with Mr Slipper now standing aside while allegations of improper conduct are investigated, Mr Wilkie's vote could be crucial.

Mr Wilkie is yet to say whether he will support the government's watered-down, industry-supported pokies package, telling The Age he was still waiting for the political situation to stabilise.

''The Prime Minister made it quite clear to me that her position [on pokies] had not changed,'' Mr Wilkie said.

Political group GetUp! will today launch commercials that urge the companies to support a $1 maximum bet limit on pokies. The ad aims to highlight the companies' pokies business - Woolworths has more than 12,000 machines and Coles 3000. There are nearly 200,000 in Australia. ''Coles and Woolworths own more dangerous poker machines than the five largest Las Vegas casinos,'' the ads claim. ''Tell Coles and Woolworths to put communities first with $1 maximum bets.''

A Woolworths spokeswoman said: ''There is no evidence to suggest that $1 minimum bets will have any lasting positive impact on the prevalence of problem gambling.''

She said even though it only had 6 per cent of Australia's poker machines, its aim was ''to be the most responsible operator'', already trialling voluntary precommitment.

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