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FIFA World Cup 2014


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World Cup 2014: England v Uruguay live blog

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That wraps up our coverage of today's match.

The talking point will be Luis Suarez sinking England's World Cup dream. There'll be a fair few divided Liverpool supporters today in the old dart. 

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Have a great day and don't let on to your bosses that you're a bit sleep deprived! 




England copping an absolute battering on social media at the moment 


He has a serious knack for scoring the big goals


As it stands, Italy, Costa Rica and Uruguay are all on three points with one win a piece. 

Costa Rica will play their second match tomorrow against Italy (2am). 

For England, their only hope of getting through to the next round will be if Italy have big wins in their next two games, they themselves beat Costa Rica on Wednesday morning at 2am, and they have a superior goal difference. 


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Wayne Rooney scores his first World Cup goal.

Wayne Rooney scores his first World Cup goal. Photo: AP



England beaten twice in two games! 

94th min 

Baines has it and crosses it to Rooney. There's a corner and it's their last throw of the dice. 

But it's a goal kick. 


93rd min

Gerrard has a shot on goal but it goes left. Commentators saying England still a chance of qualifying but by my calculations they're going to have to have a lot go their way. 

URU 2-1 ENG 

91st min

England's shot goes wide. They're down the right end of the field in the dying minutes. 

Mulsera with a goal kick and reefs it right down field as far as he can kick it. Rickie Lambert can't control a pass and it goes out for a throw in. 

Time fading for England here, they need a miracle quite frankly. 

URU 2-1 ENG  

89th min

A counter attack from Uruguay and Cavani has the ball. Gets a free kick, but it goes out.

We're going to have five minutes of extra time 

URU 2-1 ENG 

87th min

Suarez looks a bit hurt here but probably nothing in it. 

Dying few minutes here for England to salvage a draw. They do have a free kick though

URU 2-1 ENG 



He made a break down the right courtesy of a through ball and smashed it past Joe Hart.

Wow. Goodnight England? 

URU 2-1 ENG 

81st min

England playing out of their skin here, can they sneak another one past Mulsera? 

Just over ten minutes remaining, both sides will be desperate for a win rather than settle for a draw. 

Suarez gets a's a poor one and knocked away by Cahill who's on the front post. 

The Liverpool striker gets another one and it too is headed away by an England defender. 

URU 1-1 ENG 

What a relief for the Manchester United striker, finally he puts one in the back of the net

England calling for a foul on Sturridge in the box but the ref doesn't want a bar of it. 

Sturridge seconds later has a shot on goal but Mulsera dives to his left.

It's all England at the moment, geez the momentum has changed!

URU 1-1 ENG 

75th min 




URU 1-1 ENG 


A cool statistical comparison between the Man United and Liverpool strikers 


71st min 

Uruguay go long and go within shooting distance. They're pressing very hard on England's defence. 

Rooney smashes Gimenez in the back - ref gives a free - but it's swiftly dealt with by Joe Hart in goals

Possession is 68% to 32% in England's favour - wow! 

URU 1-0 ENG 

Or maybe if Australia score more goals in the World Cup against more fancied opponents Piers? 

67th min

England piling on some pressure here but Uruguay manage to get the better of a scrap in the goal mouth.

Lodeiro coming off for Stuani

Steve Gerrard shown a yellow card for a bad tackle from behind on Rodriguez

URU 1-0 ENG 

He did look a bit concussed and there's no way he should have been allowed back on. If it was rugby league he'd be hitting the showers early


62nd min

Alvaro Pereira cops a legitimate knee to the head from Sturridge - gee that would have caned. 

England starting to get a bit nervous I'd say, where is this goal going to come from. They've got about half an hour to do something with this possession they've got. I'd be surprised if Uruguay had more of it this half. 

URU 1-0 ENG 

To Rooney's credit he's had more shots on goal than anyone tonight...sadly they just haven't gone in


58th min

Rooney pushed in the back by Gimenez and given a free kick. Sterling loses it but England get it back. 

Jordan Henderson has a crack from outside the 18 year back but Mulsera looks pretty comfortable with the save

URU 1-0 ENG 

54th min

Rooney on the left peg misses in front of goal - it's saved by Uruguayan keeper Mulsera. He genuinely is cursed at this level. Only him and the keeper, but Mulsera makes a pretty good save.

Mulsera looks to have injured his leg. Maybe he was looking for penalty instead. 

URU 1-0 ENG 

52nd min

Cavani has another great shot at goal, but it flicks the fingers of Joe Hart as he races off his line. Uruguay so close yet again. 

URU 1-0 ENG 

51st min

Suarez gets a bit of room down the right hand side and has a shot at goal but it goes well left of the target. No doubt he'll be looking for his second to sink England's World Cup ship. 

URU 1-0 ENG 

49th min

Uruguay have the first corner of the second half - it's going to be taken by Suarez. 

Joe Hart blowing up at his defenders, Danny Welbeck in particular as the ball almost sneaks near the front post. Good work from Hart but it shouldn't have got to that. 

URU 1-0 ENG 

47th min

Suarez crosses one into a pack of defenders but it's headed away by England. 

England coach Roy Hodgson is on the sideline not looking too impressed. I wonder whether he had a bit of Craig Bellamy in him at half time?




When will England begin to feel the pressure? 

A good little visual to show just how ineffective Rooney has been in front of goal in the World Cup finals. The cloest one to goal is the header he missed today. Maybe he's destined to not score a goal. It's OK Wayne, Cahill's only scored five. 



This is such a great tweet. Poor England


England have scored two less goals than Australia at the World Cup (although there's still a half to go). Who would have thought!?

Had to happen


SUUUAAAREZ!!!!!!! Luis Suarez of Uruguay scores.

SUUUAAAREZ!!!!!!! Luis Suarez of Uruguay scores. Photo: Clive Rose



Suarez the scorer with a crisp header. England are going to have to respond in the second half or they'll be joining Spain on the beaches of Brazil a little earlier than anticipated. 

Stay tuned for a big half of football 

44th min

Baines goes down the left side and gives it to Rooney. England have a throw in and Suarez pulls down Cahill. 

URU 1-0 ENG 

42nd min

Four corners in a row for England, you can't take it away from them they're creating chances but it's cleared well away to Hart.

URU 1-0 ENG 

40th min

The header was Suarez was brilliant, got a bit of open space, just him on England keeper Joe Hart and the Liverpool striker does the damage.

Can England fight back? They're going to have to.

Sturridge crunches a left footer on target but it's knocked away by Mulsera.

England's corner goes too far. Rooney's kick lands on the roof of the net

URU 1-0 ENG 


URU 1-0 ENG 

They're good mates, but probably not tonight for 80mins! 

36th min

Sturridge has a crack but to no avail. England have had the better of the chances today, especially that Rooney header, that was extremely close. 

URU 0-0 ENG 

Wayne Rooney's World Cup drought continues after a free kick narrowly misses.

Wayne Rooney's World Cup drought continues after a free kick narrowly misses. Photo: Reuters

Judging by how close that last header was, maybe he isn't! 


30th min 

England deep in enemy territory yet again. Strurridge gives a top ball to Welbeck who is brought down. England have a free kick about seven metres from the left corner post. 

SO CLOSE! Gerrard takes it and Rooney hits the cross bar with a header - wow that was close! 

He jumped very high but just couldn't get any downward trajectory to get the ball in the back of the net. That's as close as he'll come to breaking that World Cup drought everyone's been talking about!

URU 0-0 ENG  

Fair shout that


27th min 

Cahill makes a desperate effort to get the ball out of the box and does well. 

Cavani then has Uruguay's best shot at goal today from a corner as it goes about a half a metre over the bar. 

Sturridge then runs down field for a counter attack but can;t cross it in. Replays show that was probably a corner kick instead. 

URU 0-0 ENG 

Outraged: Luis Suarez of Uruguay.

Outraged: Luis Suarez of Uruguay. Photo: Getty Images

24th min

The last time Uruguay beat a European team in the World Cup finals was i 1970 - can you believe that! 

Baines brings it left but England turn it over. A dubious free kick goes to Uruguay. Sterling eases his man out of the way but looks liek he's seen a ghost when the ref awards a free kick. 

Joe Hart makes a nice save as the ball was hit high to his left side. Had to deal with defenders getting in hs way - nice poise there. 

URU 0-0 ENG 

20th min

The last time England lost the first match of a World Cup game was in 1986 and in that year they made the quarter finals. 

England are doing good things here and you sense they aren't too far away from a break away run. 

A through ball chip to Suarez goes just a little far and is a goal kick. Joe Hart looks nice and settled in goals today, he's going to have to have a big one. 

Caceras crosses one in and Cahill just bunts it away when he could have had more time to control it and do more with it at the back. English supporters not happy with that. 

URU 0-0 ENG  

Piers is always getting around his England men! 


16th min 

Suarez turns it over and it's given back to Hart. Rodriguez goes for a run down the left flank but the through ball in the air goes out just out of reach.

England right in Uruguayan territory - and Sturridge has a shot which goes well over the bar. A corner to England.

Gerrard bangs it in there but a defender on the front post gets rid of it with a header.

Suarez goes on a counter attack but stops the flow of play and turns it back to give his side more time to adjust down England's end.

URU 0-0 ENG  

12th min

England with the early ball here, they're looking the better of the two sides. Baines to Henderson to Rooney who is pulled down by Gonzlez. 

Uruguay looking to get out of their own half, they're beig rushed by England, there's an added intensity from this ENglish outfit todau.

Uruguay player offside. 

URU 0-0 ENG  

6th min

Gerrard gives a beautiful long ball to Johnson on the right wing and eventually England get a free kick for a bad tackle on Sterling from Rodriguez. 

Gerrard is bumped off the ball by his Liverpool team mate Suarez in a contest for the ball after the free kick. There's a handball near the box from Diego Godin from Uruguay and he's been given a YELLOW CARD! 

Wayne Rooney nearly opens up his World Cup goal scoring account - with his free kick just sailing over the cross bar. 

URU 0-0 ENG 

4th min

Sterling loses the ball for England which turns into a corner down Uruguay's end of the field. 

The corner is taken by Suarez and it's deflected by Joe Hart on the front post. Another corner is taken but Cavani is adjudged offside as the ball is headed away.

URU 0-0 ENG 

1st min 

England with the early touches here at the back which turns into some nice pressing forward.

Leighton Baines gives a through ball to Daniel Sturridge but it goes a little bit too far with Uruguayan keeper Mulsera cleaning up the scraps

URU 0-0 ENG 


Fair old national anthem that!


England are coming off the back of a 2-1 loss to Italy, but can't be knocked for their effort. Uruguay on the other hand were caught off guard in a 3-1 loss to Costa Rica, which means they face a serious uphill battle to qualify. 

For the South Americans, arguably their best player Luis Suarez returns after having keyhole surgery five weeks ago for a small meniscus tear. It'll be very interesting to see what impact the Liverpool striker has. 

England go into the match as favourites at about $2, while the draw and a Uruguay win are paying around the $3.75 mark. I'll back England to get an early goal and then have the legs to defend it in the second half.  

England going about their business before kick off 

Here are the teams that will face up against each other today:

Uruguay: Cavani, Suarez, Lodiero, Rodriguez, Arevalo, Gonzalez, Caceres, Gimenez, Godin, Pereira, Muslera.

England: Hart, Johnson, Baines, Gerrard, Cahill, Jagielka, Sturridge, Rooney, Welbeck, Henderson, Sterling.

Morning all!

Glad you could join me at this very early hour for Fairfax's live blog of England v Uruguay.

The context of today's game is huge, pretty much whoever loses can kiss goodbye their World Cup campaign. They both lost their last games and will no doubt be tuning in to Italy v Costa Rica tomorrow morning at 2am. 

Can England break their 48 year World Cup drought? Or will Uruguay stop them in their tracks before the round of 16 gets underway?