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Mia Feedman, founder, publisher and editorial director of Australian women's website

Mia Freedman

Critics say she’s an attention seeker and an oversharer. This media empress says it's all about mutual reassurance.

Anders and Julie Halvorsen have been married for 45 years.

Anders and Julie Halvorsen

After a spinal injury in 1973, Anders Halvorsen was told he wouldn't live past 40. He married Julie a year later and they have three children.

Many performers have been kicked off cruise ships, says comedian Simon Palomares: “You’re locked up in
a place with ...

The new vaudeville

Our new passion for cruising holidays is proving to be an offshore bonanza for entertainers – or at least, those who don’t rock the boat.

Benjamin Law.

Trash TV

I don't trust people who don't have some trash in their TV-viewing diet.


Veal shank slow cooked in wine.

Lasting flavour

Meat and greet this week’s recipes, where slow cooking is the way to lasting flavour.

Illustration by The Project Twins.

All change

The "permanent pop-up" restaurant is hell for diners who adore ritual, and heaven for those who love novelty.

South on Albany.

South on Albany

Sally Webb visits the Berry eatery with an emphasis on local produce.