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Well-considered storage spaces: where customised design comes into its own

I don't have a dressing room, I have an old-fashioned cupboard – and a small one at that – so I marvel at the rarefied nature of interior-designed spaces where bespoke cabinetry and luxury furnishings are the order of the day. I've seen velvet-lined drawers with sections for up to, oh, 20 pairs of sunglasses, open racking for enough shoes to make Carrie Bradshaw envious, and colour-coded hanging sections that wouldn't be out of place in an upmarket retail store.

Rosa Coy, director at Coy Yiontis Architects in Melbourne, is no stranger to the inventive creation of such spaces for her clients. In the instance above, the original living room at the front of a Federation house became the master bedroom and ensuite.

"Rather than dissect the space and compromise the heritage ceiling details, we decided to leave it as a singular space and insert a piece of custom furniture to act as bedhead and mask a robe area," says Coy. The blade wall in a dark-veneered timber conceals a generous walk-in wardrobe and beyond it a large ensuite, the door to which is hidden in the robe panelling. "Bedrooms are a high-use zone and, like any other space in the home, need to be functional as well as looking great," she adds. "Well-considered, customised storage is key to achieving this."