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Heartbleed: the new certificate threat

Digital certificates: The next big threat for Heartbleed?

Christina Warren   2:06 PM   In addition to patching the copy of OpenSSL, companies must also revoke and reissue digital certificates for their Heartbleed-vulnerable sites.


Grape condom-carrying hacker lured from Romania by US agents

US dollars.

Del Quentin Wilber   9:04 AM   After a three-year chase, Romanian hackers who had inflicted losses of more than $US12 million were lured to the US by the Secret Service.


Michaels says 3 million cards may have been exposed in data breach

Michaels: Almost 3 million credit and debit cards may have been exposed.

Chris O'Brien   11:29 AM   US arts and crafts retailer Michaels says almost 3 million credit and debit cards may have been exposed in security breaches.


Twitter to sell app install adds to Facebook-sized audience

Key sector: Mobile generates more than 75 per cent of Twitter's advertising revenue.

Sarah Frier   11:44 AM   Twitter says its new mobile-advertising product will be able to reach more than 1 billion devices, rivaling the number of users on Facebook.


US SEC at risk of hacking, report finds

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Sarah N. Lynch   11:12 AM   The US Securities and Exchange Commission has failed to protect its data network against possible breaches, the Government Accountability Office says.


Google accused of being selfish over Heartbleed disclosure

Heartbleed allowed the golden padlock used on many sites to essentially be picked by hackers.

Ben Grubb   Security experts are accusing Google of being selfish, putting its corporate interests ahead of global internet users' security.

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Digitise your records or perish


Drew Turney   10:46 AM   Changes to privacy, the need for improved reporting and saving time and money are making it more important than ever to get it right when digitising records.


Dropbox claims Australian data safe despite hiring Condoleezza Rice

Dr Condoleezza Rice, seen here speaking at computer security conference RSA 2013, has been appointed to the Dropbox board.

Nate Cochrane   Dropbox is battling to reassure its Australian customers that their data is safe from US mass surveillance.

Internet of Things

London's Tube on track to join Internet of Things

London Underground

Lia Timson   Next time you get stuck at a train station escalator, spare a thought for the way everything will be connected to everything in the future.

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Turmoil at Symantec lures activists, buyers


Nadia Damouni, Nicola Leske   The firing of Symantec's CEO is attracting activist investors and private equity firms, which could lead to its break-up or sale, sources say.


Canadian teen arrested for stealing tax data with Heartbleed


A 19-year-old Canadian man has been charged with exploiting the Heartbleed security bug to steal taxpayer data from a government website.


Canberra IT firm Dataflex bought by VTS IT Group

Dataflex Founder and director Brian Evans.

Thomas McIlroy   Canberra IT service provider and reseller Dataflex has been bought by VTS IT Group, just months after being placed into voluntary administration.


Keep Steve Jobs' personality out of trial: tech companies

The late Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO.

Dan Levine   Witnesses at an upcoming trial over no-hire agreements in Silicon Valley should not be allowed to offer evidence that Steve Jobs was "a bully", four tech companies say.


Environment department sees Datacom contract as threat

The John Gorton Building in Parkes, ACT, where the Department of Environment is housed.

Mahesh Sharma   Poor management of Datacom contract looms as one of the environment department's biggest threats, staff say.


Push on for savings via shared services

Shared services: IT, payroll and other services could be brought together at one agency in a bid to save billions.

Noel Towell   Calls are growing for a public service super department to put all the Commonwealth's back room functions under one massive roof.


Tech Hall of Fame proposal for Australian innovation

David Warren with an early prototype of the black box flight recorder.

Sylvia Pennington   Hands up who knows what Graeme Clark and David Warren did for Australia?

Internet of Things

Microsoft launches into Internet of Things but fails to articulate it

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella tries to make sense of big data by launching several new tools.

Lia Timson   ANALYSIS: Microsoft is touting faster processing and new tools as a way to reason over big data.

Internet of Things

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unveils data-analysis tools


Olga Kharif, Peter Burrows   Microsoft's new products promise to help companies plug into the Internet of Things.


Twitter buys social data provider Gnip

Twitter: The microblogging site has purchased social data provider Gnip.

Gerry Shih, Supantha Mukherjee   Twitter says its purchase of Gnip will allow it to burrow more deeply into the 500 million tweets sent daily on its social network.


NBN Co moves against 'cherry picking' TPG

NBN Co will bring forward its fibre-to-the-basement roll-out to compete with TPG and other ISPs.

Lia Timson   The company tasked with building faster internet for Australia has moved to protect its own turf when it comes to servicing apartment blocks and office buildings.