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Google vice president of people operations Nancy Lee said the new figures do not reflect where the company wants

Google's diversity efforts show scant progress

Google has released new data on its two-year-old initiative to create a more diverse US workforce, saying it had more black, Latino and female employees but still lagged its goal of mirroring the population.


Pandora reportedly in talks to be sold off

World's largest internet radio service has shed multiple billions of dollars from its market value in the last few years, and now reports indicate it's held discussions about selling.

Many start-ups have disappeared as quickly and quietly as they arrived, but others have burned up much more dramatically.

Remembering the failed Aussie start-ups of yesteryear

Failed start-ups are a dime a dozen. But you wouldn't know it from the Australian market which, unlike that of our American cousins, prefers to hide its failures and slink quietly into that good night instead of exploring the lessons gleaned from failure.

An Apple logo on a sign at Apple's campus in Cork, Ireland.

Apple steps up lobbying amid European tax probe

Tim Cook pushes back against European officials, who accuse Apple of using subsidiaries in Ireland to avoid paying taxes on revenue generated abroad. The investigation could force the company to pay almost $12 billion in back taxes.

Sarah Erlington sleeps after working on her project all night at the NAB Hackathon in Sydney in November, while Juliius ...

The big business of hackathons

Hackathons have turned into million-dollar businesses of their own, as corporates scramble for the attention of the industry's best developer talent.