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Telstra wants more power for ACMA to stop network interference

Telstra says even solar panels can interfere with its services.

Andrew Colley 12:01 PM   Telstra has called for the communications watchdog to be given stronger powers to enforce spectrum rights and stop stop radio wave pollution..

Machine-to-machine technology to create new revenue for businesses

Vodafone Australia is counting on machine-to-machine communications.

Stuart Corner 11:56 AM   How would you like a toothbrush that tells your dentist if you fail to brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes? How about being able to bid for a car parking spot at a sell-out concert venue?


News bytes for week of September 15, 2014

US flag

Aussie company opens US office, demand for iPhone 6 fuels grey market in China, and executives relying on gut instinct for big decisions.


Westpac moves on innovation

The Westpac building in Kent Street in Sydney

Beverley Head   Move over Silicon Valley – Kogarah is where it's at innovation-wise; at least that's what Westpac's hoping.

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Inside Alibaba: unassuming lieutenant Simon Xie a key player in business

Quiet period: Alibaba is keeping a low profile ahead of its IPO.

Gerry Shih, Matthew Miller   Inside Alibaba, where co-founders are revered like rock stars, relatively few employees know about the soft-spoken executive who for years kept his same cramped office, unfashionable clothes and the self-effacing demeanor of a metalworker's son.

Social networks

Facebook after YouTube talent

Social network reportedly goes after YouTube's biggest content producers to switch allegiance.

Social network muscles in on big content producers to host videos directly on Facebook, in attempt to move ad revenue over.

Mobile Payments

Apple Pay to take NFC to mainstream

The Apple Watch will be able to make payments using Apple Pay in the US.

Patrick Crooks   Is Apple Pay the disruptor Australia's multi-billion dollar payments market had been waiting for? Patrick Crooks argues for the positive.

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Swiss watch industry denies threat from Apple Watch

The high-end version of the Apple Watch, called the Apple Watch Edition, is displayed at Apple's launch event this week.

Silke Koltrowitz, Eric Auchard   Apple's iPod upended the music industry, and its iPhone knocked Nokia off its smartphone perch, but Swiss watch makers breezily dismissed warnings that the technology giant's new wristwatch gadget could do something similar to them.

Mobile payment

Apple waiting on Visa to make Apple Pay work in Australia

The Apple Watch will be able to make payments using Apple Pay in the US.

Beverley Head   Apple Pay - Apple's answer to a digital wallet - was announced overnight but it can't be launched in Australia until 2015 because a key part of the underlying security platform isn't ready.

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Introducing Apple Pay for iPhone 6

The Apple Watch will be able to make payments using Apple Pay in the US.

Elizabeth Dexheimer   Apple's new iPhones are threatening to make the plastic in US wallets obsolete, and probably still benefit Visa, MasterCard, American Express and the biggest card-issuing banks.

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Virtual money

PayPal to accept payments in bitcoin

Golden touch: acceptance of bitcoin is growing

Spencer Soper and Olga Kharif   The move will open the world's second-biggest internet payment network to virtual currency transactions.

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News bytes for week of September 8, 2014

Copyright ad ban on the cards as Australians found to be paying more for on-demand TV shows; Internet of Things hub to be announced.


Microsoft Australia boss Pip Marlow banking on Lumia to lift Windows Phone prospects

Pip Marlow, managing director Microsoft Australia.

Sylvia Pennington   iPhone, Android or Windows? A no-brainer for most Australian buyers, but Microsoft Australia boss has high hopes.

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Huawei aims to catch up to Apple in smartphone market in 3 years

Huawei's Ascend Mate 7 has a huge 6-inch screen, is powered by an octa-core processor and features a fingerprint scanner.

Huawei, China's biggest maker of phone-network equipment, said it plans to overtake Apple in the world smartphone market in the coming two to three years as it introduces new technologies.


Apple, Google resume mediation in antitrust case over hiring

Antitrust: The parties are scheduled to give a progress report to on September 10.

Joel Rosenblatt   Apple and Google have resumed mediation discussions with workers after a judge took the unusual step of rejecting a $US324.5 million settlement of claims they and other Silicon Valley companies conspired to not recruit each other's employees.


Hands on review: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge

New flagship: Samsung's Galaxy Note 4.

Jenneth Orantia   There’s certainly no shortage of big-screen phones on the market, but no company uses the form like Samsung.

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Australian patents privacy indicator for Google Glass

Inventor Ric Richardson with the prototype of his camera modification for Google Glass. The camera cover (white dot) stays on unless recording.

Andrew Colley   Relentless Australian inventor Ric Richardson has come up with way to rescue Google Glass from a growing storm of controversy over its potential to erode privacy.

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Google Glass is getting a second look from businesses

When used for work, Glass can be more than a controversial tech accessory.

Seth Fiegerman   A few months after Google publicly teased its plans to develop Google Glass, Ian Shakil convinced some friends who worked at the company to let him try on an early prototype of the smart glasses. It proved to be an eye-opening experience.


Is the e-wallet dead already?

Are Australians ready to carry a single digital wallet?

Beverley Head   The future of digital wallets in Australia is in the balance with consumers now shaping their destiny.

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Microsoft urges leaders to embrace digital transformation

Kirill Tatarinov says digital transformation needs leadership.

Stuart Corner   The message from almost every analyst firm is the same: businesses must undergo a 'digital transformation' putting digital technology at the core of every part of their business, or face extinction.

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