Rightsizing: the best way to tackle cloud computing

Transitioned: Hipages CEO David Vitek (centre) with VP of Engineering, Chris Iona and VP of Product, Dino Talic.

Stuart Corner   The cloud's advantages over an in-house system are not necessarily simple, or fixed.

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Bulletproof results reveal rush to public cloud services

Australan businesses are increasingly taking to the cloud.

Stuart Corner   As an ASX listed company, Bulletproof offers one of the few insights into the financials of the expanding Australian cloud computing market.


IBM paints the computing cloud blue

IBM CEO Virginia Rometty.

Quentin Hardy   Company announces a series of technologies and investments designed to win business customers over to IBM’s version of modern computing.


Apple to build $1 billion solar plant to power California operations

Apple CEO Tim Cook has ambitious plans to expand the gadget giant into the car market.

Julia Love   Apple has committed nearly $1 billion to help build a solar energy farm.

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MYOB counts on innovation to fend off Xero

Road showdown: MYOB, headed by Tim Reed, will hit the road at the same time as Xero.

Beverley Head   Accounting software rivals MYOB and Xero are now focusing less on price to attract clients.

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Telstra eyes undersea cable company Pacnet


Telstra is in talks to buy the company that owns the world's largest private submarine cable network, Pacnet.

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VMWare to virtualise network next


Lia Timson   Cloud computing is growing at an incredible pace in Australia, but, if not careful, companies risk adding unnecessary complexity to their IT systems.

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Microsoft Office 365 steps onto Australian cloud promising data stays onshore

Transition: Improved apps and extra storage make Microsoft's Office 365 more attractive than ever.

Beverley Head   Executives and public servants afraid of putting their documents on an overseas cloud have been assured their data will not leave Australia after March.


Spoilt for choice in a hot cloud market

Cloud or vapour: it can be hard to tell the difference in cloud computing.

Liam Tung   Australia is now awash with public cloud providers. Here's what you need to know to make a decision.

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How your job could soon vanish thanks to the cloud

The cloud is great for data analysis and product testing, bad for middle managers.

Quentin Hardy   Technology has been accused of making many a job disappear, on the production line or in the accounting office. And it is not done yet.

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Canberra Cloud is first large scale cloud platform for federal government

Overcoming resistance: Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull launched Canberra Cloud for government agencies.

Ross Peake   Canberra Cloud will provide secure storage for sensitive data up to Protected Level.

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Big data

Parkinson's sufferers benefit from software that pulls in cloud resources on demand

Actor Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1991.

Nate Cochrane   A software platform so smart, it could take care of all the computing and data analysis needed to allow Parkinson's disease researchers to focus on finding a cure.


Amazon to keep investing in cloud despite margin pressure

Amazon Web Services has vowed to build data centres in all major countries around the world.

Deepa Seetharaman plans to build data centers in every large country over time as part of a broader investment push that will eventually make the internet retailer's cloud computing arm the largest part of its business.

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Government moves websites to the cloud to save dollars

Every cent counts: The Australian government is moving its websites to the cloud to save costs.

Beverley Head   The federal government has halved the cost of running its main website by shifting to a content management system hosted on the cloud.

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News bytes for week of November 10, 2014

Special G20 caps will be standard for all police, regardless of background.

G20 tweets all mapped out, DiData buys Oakton, and Cloud Awakening is born.

Public cloud

VMware enters Australia's public cloud via Telstra

Telstra has beefed up its cloud offering, this time with the help of VMWare.

Stuart Corner   Software giant VMware has entered the Australian public cloud market via Telstra, promising a service from early 2015.


Cloud computing is now mainstream and Australia is ahead: reports

Australian businesses are dialling up the cloud.

Stuart Corner   Two separate reports released in the past week have independently reached the conclusion that cloud computing is now adopted to meet strategic IT and business goals.

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Why Microsoft jumped on the fitness Band wagon

Microsoft Band, available in the US from now.

Joe Sweeney   Microsoft has released a fitness band and a health app. But why? Joe Sweeney explains.

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Data centres

Microsoft Azure cloud launches in Australia

More competition: Microsoft has finally opened its Australian data centres. <i>Illustration: Karl Hilzinger</i>

Stuart Corner   Microsoft has announced the long awaited availability of Azure cloud services in Australia, from two data centres, one in Melbourne and one in Sydney, along with an Azure app store and dedicated customer connections to the new data centres.

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Data centres

Microsoft Australian data centres to spark cloud price war

Cloud providers have adjusted their prices significantly. <i>Illustration: Karl Hilzinger</i>

Liam Tung   Microsoft's Australian hosted Azure cloud lights up next week, bringing with it a price war between it, Google and Amazon that has dragged down prices in the US significantly over the past year.

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