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Telstra secures $390 million contract to design multi-tech NBN

The core deal sees Telstra retain a net present value of about $11 billion.

Telstra has secured a contract to provide planning and design for the national broadband network worth up to $390 million.

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The real broadband benefit? Spend $1, get $5 back

A global report on broadband paints a rosier picture of economic benefits down the line.

Hannah Francis   Rolling out a national fixed broadband network by 2030 can boost a nation's economy by $5 for every $1 invested, a new report shows.

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NBN Co's new Telstra deal is as good as NBN will get

The federal government has thwarted plans by private companies to force high-rise buildings

Paul Budde   While we can argue Australia will have a second-rate version of a National Broadband Network, the reality is that with the new $11 billion deal with Telstra inked, this will be as good as it will get for the foreseeable future.

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Rangers to use helicopter drones to fight weeds

A 3.6 metre long remote-controlled helicopter will tackle one the country's most noxious weeds: blackberry.

The 3.6 metre long remote-controlled Yamaha helicopter will be equipped with two 10 litre tanks of herbicide.


Telstra, NBN in new deal to speed up rollout

NBN roll-out

Old Telstra and Optus pay-TV cables will be used to roll out the National Broadband Network quicker and cheaper, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull says.

Queensland police to get 'Star Wars-type technology'

Robocop Queensland Police hat

Amy Remeikis   Police Commissioner Ian Stewart sees the future of Queensland policing looking a lot like Robocop. 

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We want to accelerate NBN rollout: Bill Morrow

NBN Co has not yet concluded negotiations to use existing HFC infrastructures.

Andrew Colley   NBN Co wants to exceed its target of passing 5.3 million premises by December 2016 by upgrading the pay TV cable networks.

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NBN Co corporate chief 'misled the public' on MTM, says Conroy

"Why did you mislead the public?": Senator Stephen Conroy

Andrew Colley   Former communications minister accuses NBN Co’s corporate affairs head of political bias in tweets she published over a controversial FTTP construction trial.

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Change of government in Victoria throws digital state up in the air

Former Victoria Minister for IT Gordon Rich-Phillips.

Sylvia Pennington   Will Victoria's next IT Minister have their own ideas on shaking up government procurement and taking the state's economy into the digital era?

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Queensland government 'blame shifting' on health payroll: IBM


Big Blue accused the Queensland government of attempting to rewrite history over the failed health payroll system, the tech giant says.


Winners and losers in NBN's new rollout map

NBN Co. wants to connect 1.9 million premises in the next 19 months.

Hannah Francis   NBN Co has published an ambitious new schedule for rolling out the broadband network, ahead of final negotiations with Telstra.

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NBN satellites to allow for in-flight broadband on Qantas and Virgin

NBN Co wants to keep you connected in the air.

Lia Timson   NBN Co plans to make its satellites available to Qantas and Virgin Australia to offer in-flight internet access for passengers.

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NBN Co to charge thousands for fibre-on-demand


Hannah Francis   If you miss out on the full-fibre NBN, you'll still have options. Just be prepared to pay.

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Digital government

Push to give private sector greater role in online government services

Protesters rally against ABC budget cuts outside Parliament House on Tuesday.

Hannah Francis   A white paper from Australia's peak ICT research body says myGov is not fulfilling its potential.

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News Bytes for week of November 24, 2014


NAB flicks servers; Prezi goes Android; Australians are addicted to their smart devices and want the NBN soon; and more.


Canberra Cloud is first large scale cloud platform for federal government

Overcoming resistance: Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull launched Canberra Cloud for government agencies.

Ross Peake   Canberra Cloud will provide secure storage for sensitive data up to Protected Level.

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E-voting ruled out by parliamentary committee

Victorian election

Katina Curtis   Australians won't be using computers to vote in federal elections any time soon.

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NBN snub for western Queensland sparks rift in coalition

Nationals Senator Barry O'Sullivan wants Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to "roll his swag out" in far-western Queensland.

Andrea Crothers   Malcolm Turnbull invited to spend a month with "third world" communications in western Queensland.


NBN Co execs give 'no guarantees' they can meet new targets

Bill Morrow, chief executive of NBN Co. The company can give no guarantees it will achieve its planned targets.

David Braue   Project ramping up in 2015 but there are so many ifs and buts, its may change dramatically again.

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Local councils want to connect residents, become NBN internet providers

Would you trust your local council to keep you online?

David Ramli   Local councils are hoping to keep residents online, as they consider becoming ISPs.

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