Bron Bitmead, Liam Reynell and Emma Conant. Click for more photos

Sunday brunch for SnowyHydro SouthCare

Bron Bitmead, Liam Reynell and Emma Conant. Photo: Lyn Mills

  • Bron Bitmead, Liam Reynell and Emma Conant.
  • Toby Field, Julianne and High Abbot.
  • Bianca Riley and Pat Beck.
  • Adam Martin and Belinda Holtkamp.
  • Venetta Cameron, Ty Kudla, Nicole Coombe and Chris Farrington.
  • Xavier Dunn.
  • And then they all fall down?Alannah Galloway.
  • Diana Hansen, Sam Begg, Sujie Song, Nick and Chevelle Millhouse and Elene Nonas.
  • Glenn McCormack, Nic Hoffm and Alicia Day and Steve Lazara.
  • Robyn Clayton and Cheryl-Lea Field.
  • Renee Pollack and Jenny Field.

Moet in the morning with oysters, strawberries and fudge – and much more - was a clever after party after the Christmas Gala with a beautiful Sunday brunch for SnowyHydro SouthCare.

With huge café umbrellas, the smartest blow up ‘chesterfield’ couches that would be just right for lounging about in the backyard at Christmas, games to play and picnic pack style treats kept the lawns lounging groups occupied at their leisure while inside the marquee the big groups enjoyed a smart brunch at a steady pace with the coolest entertainment from Xavier Dunn, whose mesmerising voice was a standout feature of the FashFest backing music.

The food was well planned, the Moet chilled to perfection and water, copious quantities of it, was the favourite drink. It was hot inside, but the giant fans that would lift off a 747 blasted the flow through and guests were smart enough to up tables and move from the advancing sun. Outside the afternoon ‘sea breeze’ kept patrons cool. And slowly over a lovely day guests came and went, slow starters arriving at a sensible hour and later as the tempo picked up with the music and some cocktail mixing began, the late afternoon crowd found a good reason to sit a while at this lovely long brunch.