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Beauty push comes to shove

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Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration. That is why it's good to get out and about and splurge on some treatments now and then.

We can all do our own nails and feet and body scrubbing - even hair colouring and brow tinting thanks to the excellent retail products now available - but there is nothing like a professional treatment to focus the mind as well as improve the body.

After a visit to the dentist, I clean my teeth more carefully. After a visit to a salon or spa, be it for mundane grooming (waxing) or luxury pampering (massage and steam), I do what has been done to me more often. I take the advice on board, at least for a while.

For example, when I had a pedicure a few weeks ago the the therapist suggested I use a foot paddle once a week for maintenance. So I am. A manicurist said I should be applying cuticle oil at least once a day to my dishpan hands. I had cuticle oil in the bathroom cupboard but had never bothered with it. But I am now. Still. For now, anyway, I'm doing what I was told.

After a hair appointment I'm inspired to use a deep conditioning treatment once a week (ish). A facial has me employing massage techniques when I cleanse. All these little things take time. The body creams, loofahs, cellulite gels and masques are all added extras to the usual beauty essentials. You really need a bit of a push to do them. I find that push comes from a session with a therapist.

It's not only what she says, it's the result she gets. There's a lot to love about smooth heels, shiny hair and moisturised cuticles. Some people - Princess Diana springs to mind - had the time, inclination and, arguably, the need to attend to these details all of the time.

Some days, with work and kids, I'm lucky to get a shower in the morning. So it's good to get a bit of a push now and then, to be reminded of all the other stuff and how it's worth it.

To me that makes going for the occasional treatment worth it. Do you?