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Bikini bling and other adventures

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A full bush was standard when her sexual adventures, if not her orgasms, were peaking. It was the Seventies and managing, let alone manicuring, pubic hair was not on the radar. But fast forward to 2012 and the beautiful young woman is now a divorcee in her fifties, primed for some of the old action but frustratingly uninformed about the fashion in pubic hair. ''I've had to ask some of the young ones at work,'' says she, as pragmatic about embarking on dating as she was dissolving her dissatisfactory union. ''It was an eye opener.''

Things have certainly changed since Hair (the musical) was on the turntable. ''In my day the bush was sexy. Now the young guys are telling me they haven't even seen a girl with pubes. And the names for all the waxing - triple-X, Brazilian - what do they actually refer to when they ask you what you're after at the beautician's?'' To her credit, she didn't bat an eyelid when I informed her of a hot new trend, ''Vajazzling''. It's about bling - spicing up the bikini area with glitter and jewels. Just you wait - it's coming to a salon near you.

What to remove, what not to remove, how much is too much? No hair or hair? Lucika Mora of Hale'O'Nails and Beauty in Armadale says: “More and more women are opting for the Brazilian, even our mature-age clients. Women 50-plus tend to feel secretly devilish with having a secret down there, particularly if they are single.”

There's no industry standard to naming pubic hair styles but Mora has helpfully provided some of her salon's definitions which might help demystify the waxing menu:

Bikini wax A general clean-up of the area, waxed to the brief line.

G-string A high bikini wax, removing all unwanted fuzz around the g-string line. It also helps to add an extra dimension and length to the legs.

XXX A very thin line of hair is left on the top of the pubic bone, referred to as the ''landing strip''.

XXXX (or the Brazilian) All hair is removed including in-between the buttocks.

Mora says the most sought after style is the ''XXX'', followed by the long-popular ''G-string''. ''No one wants any furry bits showing from bathers, bikinis or briefs.”  For at-home care of the bikini area she recommends a daily application of the Skeyndor Post Depil Foam ($43.50 for 250ml) which works to retard growth by weakening the hair root.

You could do some of it at home with the Remington Smooth and Silky Rechargeable Shaver ($53.95) which has an additional bikini trimmer that’s shower-proof. This might appeal to our gorgeous DIY girl of the Seventies, for whom ''shower with a friend'' was a plausible way of saving the planet. I’m sure she’ll let me know what she decides. Meanwhile, what do you do ''down there’’? Have your choices and tastes changed over the years? What style works for you? (in the nicest possible way, please).