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It's all in the technique

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Skincare doesn't need to be complicated. It's about finding the right products - ''an excellent cleanser, a moisturiser and something to remove the build-up of surface skin cells'' and then using them consistently, according to Charlene Florian. She's the vice-president of corporate creative development for the luxury spa line Kerstin Florian and daughter of its founder. She's also the archetypal golden California girl (rather than the miserable emaciated type). While keen to extol the benefits of the brand on her visit to launch it in Australia this week, she's equally willing to share some of her holistic beauty tips. These too are straightforward. In theory.

Florian, 44, and mother of two, does all the things the rest of us know we should be doing, start to do, then let fall away when real life, or a piece of cake, gets in the way. Living the beautiful life ''is the path I've chosen'', she says. She's been doing it - consistently - for years. And it shows.

Florian meditates (beachside), practices yoga (ashtanga), hikes the hills (of Orange County) or, when her schedule's tight, trampolines (for 15 minutes) in the backyard. She has visited high-end spas all over the world to learn massage, aromatherapy and herbal medicine. (She's just got back from a more rustic trip to Peru where she studied Amazonian herbs). She eats really well - 50 per cent raw, no meat, no refined sugar and lots of juicing daily, not only of vegetables but of Chinese tonic herbs and grasses. ''It's honestly been a passion of mine to understand longevity,'' she said. ''Even from the start of college I was into exercise, working in a gym. It's all about balance. To me it's a journey. There's no end to the improvements you can make to your health.''

Her passion, her reading and her travels translate into ingredient research and product development for Kerstin Florian. ''I'm always looking for interesting plant-based and technically advanced ingredients,'' she says. The company produces 95 skin and body care products (the sublime Caviar Age Defence Creme is $287) and offers 25 spa treatments including, now, at five high-end Australian day spas including Aurora Spa at St Kilda and Eforea Spa at Hilton Surfers Paradise. ''We have quite a number of products because everyone has different skin needs,'' says Florian. ''It is essential to have a proper skin analysis and use the products recommended. You don't need a lot of products. It's really about simplicity and consistency.''

Do you keep your product list simple? How many products do you use? More importantly, according to Florian, do you use the right ones and do you use them regularly? And like her, do you ensure you get your beauty benefits from healthy lifestyle habits? More to the point, do you manage to keep them up?