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Nasty shower scenes

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Johnny Cash once said the secret to a happy marriage was not sharing a bathroom.

If you have to share that small but most sacred space with your partner and/or children or, worse still, fellow share-householders or students, you can probably relate.

There's a reason most people don't live in communes and there's a reason en-suites have become practically mandatory.

Bathroom habits, let along bathroom ills, can only contribute to the mediocrity of the domestic state.

What do you find most irritating about the beauty and grooming habits of others?

Here's some of my own petty complaints and, better still, here's a safe environment for you to vent yours!


- I detest tiny, squishy bits of soap left in the shower; the flabby, disgusting things are more distasteful still when they're hiding at the bottom of the cubicle or wedged in the drain.

- I resent guests using our toothpaste. It's unsanitary. BYO.

- I hate being the guest and forgetting my toothpaste and finding theirs is only for dentures and/or six years and under.

- I hate it when toothpaste clogs up around the toothpaste top. They should bring back screw-on lids. And why does blue toothpaste end up on the walls?

- I am irritated when there is a skerrick of product left in a bottle or jar or packet - or even more so by empty shampoo bottles left in the shower. What's that about? A hangover from share-house days when using it all up meant the obligation to buy a replacement? Laziness (bin too far?)? Belief that a drizzle of shampoo or a single sheet of loo roll will be enough for the next person? And who is it who does this? You all say ''it wasn't me''.

- And it's sometimes disconcerting when bin liners in the bathroom aren't replaced. Thanks for emptying the bin, though.

Bathroom habits, let along bathroom ills, can only contribute to the mediocrity of the domestic state.

- No hot water in rest rooms. Even in state-of-the-art buildings where hot water is invariably found in the staff kitchen.

- Public loos generally. At shopping centres there is an advantage to frequenting David Jones.

- Over to you: what are your gripes?