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Don't take them for granted. Keep them shaped, tinted and groomed. A good brow can do more for the face than any makeup trick or syringe of mother's little helper. Having a good brow arch can equal an eyebrow lift - it opens the eyes and brightens the face, making the eye area appear larger and more awake. Well-defined brows frame the face while enhancing the eyes. Pass on the lipstick if you will (it wears off anyway) but always do your brows.

But don't overdo things, says Hannah Terrett of Benefit Cosmetics Australia. ''Always start with a minimal application of brow products and build to increase colour and depth,'' she says. ''You can always for bigger, bolder, better but starting small will make getting it right easier and ensure that your brows make a statement for all the right reasons.'' Terrett says that when you are ''wearing'' a strong brow, enhance two key focal points to balance the overall look. For example, wear bold brows and lashes with a nude or understated lips or wear bold brows with a bare eye and statement lips.

Makeup artist and photographer Simona Janek says brows should be groomed but full. She suggests having brows professionally shaped - whether plucked, waxed or threaded - and then maintaining the shape at home. ''Use a brow pencil to fill in any gaps or to make the brow fuller. Draw in soft hair strokes - don't just colour in.''

Terrett says the best technique for faking a fuller brow is through tinting, when the fine soft hairs around the throughout the brow can be coloured to look thicker. Wax and powder brow kits can create a full and soft effect to complement tinting. In fact, brow specialist Amy-Jean Linnehan says almost all of her clients still use brow makeup after a tint. ''It just gives that extra something - most prefer it,'' Amy-Jean says. ''It's a combination of technique and product quality that will determine the result.'' Amy-Jean Brow Velvet is soft powder that's easy to apply with a brush.

Benefit makeup trend artist Maggie Ford Danielson, daughter and niece of Benefit's co-founders, prefers a brow pencil, such as Benefit Instant Brow, to add colour. Benefit Brows A-Go-Go is a brow-shaping kit containing powders and wax, eyeliner, brightening cream and highlighter, brow brushes, tweezers and a step-by-step guide. Benefit Speed Brow is a brush-on gel that dries to a natural looking finish to tame brows. Amy-Jean says: ''You don't skip brushing your hair every day so why ignore your brows? Use a lash and brow comb and brush with a light upwards and outwards motion - always upwards and outwards. Then finish off by securing flyaways with a brow lacquer.''

How much time and attention do you lavish on your brows? Do you use brow makeup? Do you have them professionally shaped and tinted or do you see to them yourself? Maybe you've overlooked them. Till now.


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