Beauty might be skin deep but journalist Natasha Hughes enjoys her time in the shallow end. Natasha hopes 2012 will be a year of health, wealth, happiness and looking good (or getting away with it).
Here's the archived Beauty Beat blog.

Smells like teen spirit

Natasha Hughes The real reason celebrity perfumes are so popular.

Beauty push comes to shove

Pedicure, nail polish, painted toenails.

Natasha Hughes There's nothing like a good incentive to get your beauty regimen back on track.

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The best beauty tip ever

Generic pic of nice eyes and perfectly plucked eyebrows.

Natasha Hughes It's cheap, it's easy and will do more for your face than any amount of makeup or Botox.

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Good clean fun

Dannii Minogue

Natasha Hughes Dannii Minogue's skincare secret is out - and it's brilliant, writes Natasha Hughes.

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It's all downhill from here

Cindy Crawfod

Natasha Hughes Age catches up with everyone - even supermodels.

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Time for the big chop

Sassoon hair show.

Natasha Hughes Long, layered hair is boring and dated according to the newly crowned Australian Hairdresser of the Year.

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What's her secret?

Mascara, nice eyelashes, eyes, eyebrows, makeup, cosmetics.

Natasha Hughes The beauty tricks of women who stand out from the crowd.

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Signature look or style rut?

Gwen Stefani

Natasha Hughes You've got a great look - for 1997. Is it time for an update?

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Hair cheats

Woman pulling hair out, split ends, bad hair, frustration, stress.

Natasha Hughes The product for those morning when you don't have time for product.

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Best bath ever

Woman in the bath, bath tub, relaxing, relaxation, spa.

Natasha Hughes How to get the benefits of a spa treatment at home.

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Looking like a local

Natasha Hughes Glamorous, groomed, buffed and bouffed - Beirut had a swift effect on Natasha Hughes' appearance.

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Primping for self-esteem

Manolo Blahnik shoes, stilettoes, sandals, high heels, slingbacks.

Natasha Hughes There's nothing like beautifully manicured nails or a new pair of shoes for a confidence booster.

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Do you like your man to smell like a woman?

Man with a bouquet, bunch of flowers, apology, sorry, dating, love, romance, couple, anniversary.

Natasha Hughes Unisex fragrances have morphed into fragrance swapping: he's just as likely to be wearing your perfume as you his.

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Are you ever too old for makeup?

Hillary Clinton

Natasha Hughes Yes, says Hillary Clinton. She just can't be bothered any more.

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Open all hours

Women at the hairdresser, beauty salon, reading the newspaper.

Natasha Hughes You're not imagining it - you really are spending longer in hair and beauty salons.

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Time on your hands

Woman, iphone, hand, nice hands, nail polish, ring, rings, jewellery, mobile phone.

Natasha Hughes Tips for keeping your hands looking elegant and youthful.

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Hot hair by those who know how

Kevin Murphy styles a model's hair at the Bowie show.

Natasha Hughes Celebrity stylist explains how to do Fashion Week hair at home.

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Ageing measurably overnight

Woman looking in the mirror, vanity, depression, makeup, cosmetics, sad, beauty, hair.

Natasha Hughes Is it possible to look much older all of a sudden?

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Overlooking how we look

Natasha Hughes A woman's best beauty aid is a near-sighted man.

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How old is your neck?

Angelina Jolie

Natasha Hughes Nothing betrays your age like the state of your neck and decolletage.

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