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Charlize Theron's naked ambition

She's clearly got a bit of a thing for stripping off.

But, with a body - and self-confidence - like Charlize Theron's, that's perhaps par for the course.

The actress, 36, has now confirmed what we have long suspected: that she has no qualms about being naked in front of a camera.

Speaking with W Magazine, the Prometheus star showed not a hint of a body image hang-up when she described her ease with filming sex scenes.

"It depends on who you’re doing the sex scene with. I don’t have issues being naked", she told the glossy.

"That sounds very slutty ... What I mean is, I’m not hung up on my body, and I’ve been lucky to work with people I’ve been really comfortable with."


Not that co-star Michael Fassbender, 35, made the situation less awkward. "And Michael's one of the two who did not make me feel very comfortable," she said.

The shoot displayed more than a hint of Theron's submissive side, with industrial-themed styling seeing Fassbender in intimate, bondage-like poses with the blonde actress.

A muscle-bound Fassbender holds the South African star's arms in series of sexually-charged, tight grips.

Photographed by Mario Sorrenti, the actress was kitted out in a selection of designer threads that left little to the imagination, including Versace boots, leather body suit and fishnet stockings, suggestive leather gloves and a chainmail dress.

Prometheus is not the first film in which the star has posed semi-naked in front of the camera. Recently released Snow White and the Huntsmen saw her maximise her 'back nudity' as queen Ravenna. Nor is it the first time the actress has spoken about her fondness for baring all.

The star has said that she is happy to go topless, "if the role requires it" and has undressed for sex scenes in Monster, Reindeer Games, The Burning Plain, Head in the Clouds, 2 Days in the Valley and The Devil's Advocate... to name but a few.

In a recent interview with MTV, Theron explained that not only are there different kinds of nudity, but she has techniques she employs rather than giving film makers carte blanche to full-frontal nudity.

"I am very good with side nudity," she told the music network. "I tend to find that’s probably my best kind of nudity."

Approaching the intimate issue of nakedness with tell-tale professional coldness, she said: "Back is a little too much back. I need an angle. I like angular nudity, I can do a small percentage of one [side] and the other."

The W shoot saw Theron and Fassbender mull over which are harder to act: death or sex scenes.

"I don't know", said Fassbender. "Sex scenes sound like more fun than they are.

"Death scenes are easier, really. Maybe because I've died so many times. I've had a lot of practice. In my movies, I'm often naked or dying."


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