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Makeup tips from Kate Moss

Kate Moss says good moisturisers and facials are the key to youthful skin.

The 38-year-old supermodel says there are some easy ways to stop the signs of ageing.

"I just use a really good moisturiser regularly and sunscreen. I also love to have a facial when I have the time and I drink lots of water," she told the latest edition of UK InStyle magazine.

Moss has a few rules when it comes to looking glamorous.

"In the day, I keep it simple and then at night, I like to go for either a strong eye or lip, but not both together. Make-up should enhance your natural features, not overpower them," she said.

"I love natural beauty looks, but I'll glam it up a little if I'm heading out with my girlfriends depending on where we are going. I'll either wear a light beige or a glamorous shiny bright red lipstick."

Moss, who has posed for many top fashion labels has picked up some tips along the way. She shared what two top make-up artists taught her.

"I've picked up a few! Pat McGrath taught me how to contour and Dick Page taught me to blot excess lip colour with my fingers and dab it on my cheeks for an instant glow," she explained.



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