DIY eyes

No more mascara, now you can grow your own luscious lashes

Susannah Singh From the makers of Botox, comes the 'eyelash grower'.

Beauty pageant

Night of big hair and lashes as contestants vie for Miss Lebanon crown


Ilya Gridneff It's all about the eyes. The lashes. The big hair. And, for the 17 women from Sydney's Lebanese diaspora who competed in the 12th annual Miss Lebanon Australia, it was about pride in their heritage...

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Wind back the clock

How to look 10 years younger


Elizabeth Clarke The key to a good youthful makeup is finding the balance between too much makeup and not enough.

New research

Do men actually prefer the 'no make-up' look or is it a big lie?


Nedahl Stelio For as long as I can remember, men have declared they prefer ''the natural look'' on women. But that could all be complete hogwash, according to a new study.

Purple lips and dirty hair

Purple-lipped, dirty haired Lorde becomes a beauty queen

Lorde on the cover of Billboard magazine.

Jenna Clarke Once upon a time purple-tinged lips were a sign of hypothermia, now they are a symptom of the “Lorde effect”.

NYC Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week make-up artists reveal their top beauty tips

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 11:  (EDITORS NOTE: Multiple exposures were combined in
camera to produce this image.) A model prepares backstage in an alternative view of Pamella Roland during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014 on February 11, 2014 in New York City.  (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week)

Eleanor Pendleton We went backstage at NYFW to discover the tricks of the beauty trade.

Beauty bag must-haves

The products beauty editors really use

Eleanor Pendleton Eleanor Pendleton reveals the must-haves beauty editors favour.

Laying it on thick

Mascara brands under fire for false (lash) advertising


Andrew Adam Newman When it comes to advertising, mascara marketers have been laying it on a bit thick.

Watch and learn

YouTube's beauty queens

Cassy Small Among the cat videos and clips of kids falling over on YouTube there is a goldmine of beauty advice.

Bargain bin

Best budget beauty buys: Make-up and more

Beauty Melbourne Fashion Week

Natasha Silva-Jelly Make-up and beauty treatments that are big on results and low on cost.

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Cartoonish creations

Five Japanese beauty trends we won't be trying soon

Bizarre beauty trend ...  Bagel-foreheading.

Sarah Berry The cartoon-loving culture has also created an array of, shall we say, animated 'beauty' trends.

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Au naturale

Perfecting the natural look with make-up

Natural beauty

Shelly Horton Looking like you're not wearing any makeup, yet hiding all your blemishes and highlighting your favourite bits, takes a lot of time and skill.

How to get the most beauty from sleep

Beauty expert Natasha Hughes answers your questions.

Fit face

Exercise and glamour: can they work out?

Katherine Jenkins

Jessica Montague Why it's OK for women to be glamorous off the field, but not necessarily on.

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Lipstick Queen's crusade


Poppy King has emerged as the new face of feminism, Lisa Armstrong writes.

The heat is on

Icy-pole at the beach.

We all have our own beauty rituals but as the weather and the seasons change, so should our regimes. With summer on our doorstep, now's the time to switch to the beauty rules for the new season.

Looking like a local

Natasha Hughes Glamorous, groomed, buffed and bouffed - Beirut had a swift effect on Natasha Hughes' appearance.

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The best beauty tip ever

Generic pic of nice eyes and perfectly plucked eyebrows.

Natasha Hughes It's cheap, it's easy and will do more for your face than any amount of makeup or Botox.

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Beauty blunder

Sienna Miller: hair by Heinz

Sienna Miller

Why Sienna Miller washed her hair in tomato sauce for a year.

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Why you need $50 mascara

Lancome Doll Eyes mascara ad.

Natasha Hughes Because the expensive stuff gives you "Doll Eyes", writes Natasha Hughes.

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