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Monica Bellucci: wrinkles better than plastic

Monica Bellucci says wrinkles are better than having a "plastic face".

Bellucci thinks actresses should resist cosmetic surgery as they need to convey expression on their faces.

All natural ... Monica Bellucci prefers wrinkles to "plastic face".
All natural ... Monica Bellucci prefers wrinkles to "plastic face". 

"Wrinkles are better than a plastic face," she told the Italian edition of Vanity Fair.

"I only did a vitamin treatment once. I don't like the idea of someone touching my face and, honestly, I think it is quite dangerous for an actress."

Bellucci relies on natural remedies to maintain her youthful glow. The 47-year-old Italian star doesn't worry about the ageing process and would rather mature gracefully.

"Menopause? I'm mentally ready, and I'm not afraid," she said.


"I am a huge supporter of homeopathy. I'll try the natural treatments first of all and only later I'll see if I need the traditional hormone therapies."

Bellucci is currently starring in Dolce & Gabbana's spring/summer advertising campaign and has collaborated with the luxe label on a new lipstick line.

The collection boasts six colours named after the star - Only Monica, Natural Monica, Chic Monica, Italian Monica, Magnetic Monica and Attractive Monica.



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