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The 'perfect body' looks different for men and women

If you ask men and women what they think the perfect body is, you're going to get two very different answers. It's fascinating, really. UK lingerie company Bluebella surveyed men and women on the "perfect" man and woman using celebrity features and came up with these bodies above.

In general (or rather, in this UK-leaning survey), it seems like the ideal female body for women was thinner than the ideal female body for men. The difference could be summed up in the lust for Jennifer Aniston's chest versus Kim Kardashian's, we guess. Legs-wise, men and women possess similar tastes - with lads choosing the leggy Rosie HW, and ladies the also-leggy, just-a-bit-retro Elle Macpherson. In fact, in the pictures it really does just look like the same legs. 

Interestingly, the ideal male body is pretty similar for both men and women (though the survey didn't seem to be as specific as it was for women). When it comes to the male form, everyone love muscles, basically - although guys like guys to have slightly bigger biceps. Now Jamie Dornan or David Beckham's visage? That is certainly a tough call ... we may have to leave you now and do some extensive Google Image research.

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