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Looking good needn't take long. From top to toe, there's a range of products and slick manoeuvres that can have you out the door and looking great in no time.

“It's no secret that Australian women are busier than ever before; they want to look good, but have limited time available to them - and sometimes, they just can't be bothered with the effort,” Priceline Pharmacy beauty buyer Anna Hull says.

Dee Mountford applies "lazy girl" principles to her beauty routine, taking only 20 minutes to get up and leave the house each day.

“I use a moisturising body wash in the shower and wash my hair with a two in one shampoo, which I then let dry naturally. With make-up I find that if you stick to one look you can perfect it and be able to put on your full face in less than 10 minutes,” she says.

Less time spent in the bathroom doesn't mean sacrificing your look.

“Cutting corners when it comes to our beauty routines isn't about being 'slap dash'; it's about being time efficient and beauty smart,” says Hull.

Savvy skincare

Beauty wipes are the ultimate "lazy girl" product to cleanse, tone and moisturise in one simple swipe.

“The trick is to use a nourishing or calming wipe that's not overly harsh on your skin, especially if you're using them on a daily basis,” says Hull.

For the body, spray-on self-tans, sun creams and moisturisers are affordable and time-efficient options that still offer great results.

Hair in a hurry

Washing and styling hair every day can chew up valuable time, so Hull thinks that dry shampoo should be an essential in every woman's beauty kit.

“A quick spray to greasy roots will instantly freshen hair in 30 seconds, saving you time, money and even water. Washing your hair less will not only save you time, but can actually improve the health of your strands as you're not stripping it of the natural oils,” says Hull.

On days when you really can't be bothered with your hair, Hull recommends an up-do.

“The top knot/bun trend continues to be a winner for girls who don't have a lot of time on their hands but still want to look chic,” she says.

The Bun Maker is a handy hair tool designed to make buns quick and easy to achieve.

“Simply pulling hair through a doughnut shape and wrapping to form a perfect bun, all in less than a minute,” she says.

Multi-tasking make-up

Downsizing your beauty drawer is an added bonus to choosing products that have multiple purposes.

Hull prefers tinted moisturisers and creams that act as a foundation as well as a moisturiser.

Try also using cream blush as a lip colour, bronzer as a body shimmer and the humble Vaseline or Paw Paw Ointment as a highlighter when used on the brow or cheekbones.

Sleeping beauty

Some of the best beauty products do the hard work for you while you sleep. Overnight hair treatments, face masks and foot creams give your beauty regime an added boost with results noticeable the next morning.

For a touch of indulgence follow the beauty secret that celebs have known about for decades.

Silk pillow cases are kinder to delicate facial skin and will help your blow dry last longer.

The smoothness of silk as opposed to the coarser cotton can prevent premature ageing and the dreaded sleep crease.