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Jonathan Swan

Jonathan Swan is a Fairfax Media reporter based in the Canberra bureau, Parliament House.

The caveman who frets about wrinkles

Jonathan Swan 'How white are my teeth for a young fella,'' says Shane Warne while showing me a photograph of himself as a teenager.

Chef's hat

New kitchen rules: slow cook all night and sell next day

Chef Omar Andrade with daughter Eva

Jonathan Swan AN INCORRIGIBLE entrepreneur, Omar Andrade loves getting frustrated. It's in these moments of irritation, he says, that he often finds his best ideas.

Sweet dreams

Spanish cotton-candy man's hot on the scent

Jordi Roca

Jonathan Swan JORDI ROCA likes women who smell of lemon muffins soaked in milk. But before you write him off as some kinky Spanish chef, he can explain.

How paparazzi get pics that make royals snap


Megan Levy, Jonathan Swan PICTURE Prince William and his wife reclining on the beach. Then imagine a photographer, standing more than a kilometre away to capture every move with a huge lens.

Now you're talking


Jonathan Swan The year 4 students at Haberfield Public School agree that most adults have no idea how to speak to children.

Food drive

Waste not want not means there's frequently something to chew on


Jonathan Swan Every Friday afternoon a yellow truck collects Allen Gnesin's leftovers. Mashed potatoes, chicken pies, lasagnes, roast beef and vegetables are delivered to hungry men, women and children throughout...

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Beer and bubs

Prenatal in the pub

Beers and Bubs.

Jonathan Swan Where dads-to-be can learn about childbirth over steak and schooners.

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Store wars

Fresh: what it means and why it's getting stale


Jonathan Swan In 1987, when Woolworths stocked "a couple of mouldy old apples in every counter and some lint lettuce", Greg Logan was hired as a 19-year-old copywriter to work on the very first 'Fresh Food People'...

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Sleepless elite: quest for the Thatcher gene


Jonathan Swan Therese Rein once told a journalist that her husband slept about three hours a night.

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