Katherine Feeney

Katherine Feeney

Katherine Feeney heads the urban affairs desk for brisbanetimes.com.au. She is also one of Australia’s leading commentators on sex, love, dating and relationships via her popular blog CityKat.

Too cool to care?

Katherine Feeney My Mum once came home from school and found her parents doing something that shocked her.

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Who comes first – your partner or your children?

Katherine Feeney You fall in love, life is perfect, you're a lucky bastard, and you know it but then you decide to have a baby.

Has Australian dating culture gone backwards as equality changes the equation?

Katherine Feeney Urgency has been removed from the romantic world. We used to have to arrive on time to dates because there was no way of easily communicating a delay.

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Does the opportunity to lead a parallel life online mean we are more likely to cheat?

Alarm clock

Katherine Feeney Here's the bad news: According to some experts, you're more likely to find yourself with a cheating partner these days.  

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Is it ever too late to learn how to love?

Katherine Feeney I know some beautiful people who are well into their 50s and 60s who've never experienced real love.

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How many strikes do you suffer before tossing your partner out?

Hurting: how many times is it OK?

Katherine Feeney When we explode at our partner we need to own our mistakes.

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A class in self-climaxing shows we've got a way to go

Self-pleasure: a learned art?

Katherine Feeney Sheilas Down Under may not be ready to experiment with masturbation techniques in a room full of naked lady strangers.

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Straight? Gay? Bi? It's time to ditch the labels

Katherine Feeney The modern obsession with categorising our sexuality is unhealthy.

What do you when you're ashamed of your partner?

Katherine Feeney A reader has written in. She says her husband is often drunk.

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Do bucks parties wreck the big day?

Katherine Feeney Men's gross behaviour may make many brides-to-be rethink whether they want to walk down the aisle with them.

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Do more wedding guests make for a happier couple?

Nicole Kidman with then husband Tom Cruise, Connor and Bella in 1996.

Katherine Feeney So it seems Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman weren't invited to their daughter's wedding.

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Wannabe dads left behind in IVF debate

Katherine Feeney If virgin women can become mothers through IVF, maybe we're ready for another miracle -- genuinely equality for men in the parenting debate.

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Together apart: rich in love and circumstance?

Katherine Feeney Society should not condemn couples who by choice or force of circumstances have a relationship but live apart.

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What men really think of women who make the first move

Are you the hunter or the hunted on the dating scene?

Katherine Feeney While they may like the idea of a female lead, in practice do men prefer making the approach themselves?

What's the point of pillow talk? Plenty, if you want to bask in the afterglow

Katherine Feeney Does pillow talk mean anything or is it just a sweet nothing that prevents sleep and causes problems?

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Does it matter if I have a boy or a girl?

Katherine Feeney That we still prefer male to female in the West is a real dilemma.

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Orgasm Obligation

Why men need to relieve themselves of 'orgasm obligation'

Katherine Feeney Orgasm anxiety is taking the fun out of sex.

'I've decided to marry myself': same-self marriage

Katherine Feeney They say you find happiness in marriage.

The problem with having one child

Only the lonely? Is having one child selfish?

Katherine Feeney We thought people would respect our choice but having an only child seems to be the one subject still open to discrimination.

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Dealing with uncomfortable sexual fantasies

Katherine Feeney What happens when your lover's bedroom request leaves you stone-cold and strung-out?