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No excuse for neglecting health

Peter Jean Kerryn Phelps talks to Peter Jean about her book on ultimate wellness.

Doctors should routinely inquire about the sexual well being

Childbirth can mean at least six years of bad sex.

Peter Jean Childbirth can mean six years of bad sex, or at least sex not as good as it used to be, a medical conference has been told.

Homing in on birthing debate

Home birth... Justine Caines with son Tobias.

Peter Jean 'I think she might be in labour,'' a female friend commented after a chance meeting with another friend who was due to give birth any day to her first child and complained of slight back pain.

Weighty verdict

It's official: We eat too much

Steak Diane with chips.

Peter Jean It’s no wonder that Australia is the fifth-fattest nation on earth. We're eating too much food.

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