Sarah Berry

Sarah Berry

Sarah Berry is a Life & Style reporter.

The food diary that makes Pete Evans' Day on a Plate look normal

Sarah Berry It's so fabulous, it makes Pete Evans' day on a plate look normal.

Is this the right way to eat meat?

Paul West and his dog, Digger.

Sarah Berry I love the taste of meat but, I have been vegetarian for twenty years.

Relearning the art of eating

Sarah Berry Finding a way to want to eat what's good for us is a question of psychology as much as nutrition, author says.

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Probiotics researcher

Read this before you take a probiotic

Unique to you: a healthy bacteria balance.

Sarah Berry Gut bacteria rule our world.

First impressions matter more than you think

Pay attention to your body language – it it's difficult to shake a poor first impression.

Sarah Berry Qualifications count for nothing, if you don't have social skills to match

Attention residue: Why focusing on multiple tasks can kill your work performance

Going deep: We need to focus to achieve elite performance.

Sarah Berry Being driven to distraction may be sucking dry your ability to focus and succeed.

Should you stretch before exercise? Review offers new recommendations

The rules around stretching have become confused.

Sarah Berry Before, after, static, dynamic, not at all?

Five ways to increase your work fitness

Beat the back-to-work blues.

Sarah Berry After the holidays, when we could move more organically, we're slowly settling back into (or resisting) the rhythm of work and the year ahead.

Four ways to spot an insecure person

Flashing cash everywhere: it may be a sign of insecurity.

Sarah Berry No need to get too bothered if others appear to be putting us down, they are probably expressing their insecurity.

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The best and worst 'diets' for 2016

Consumers have started paying more attention to how active they are and how many calories they're burning, rather than focus on dieting programs and food products.

Sarah Berry Aren't we there yet?

Vitamins: are they a waste of money?

Eat enough of these and you will become Superman, or more likely, dead.

Sarah Berry As the new year has kicked into gear and many hone their focus on their health, you might want to pause before you pick up your vitamins.

Five scientifically-proven morning rituals to make you happier every day

It makes a difference to your mood: Savour your morning cuppa.

Sarah Berry Why not take a chance on new morning rituals to set a better productivity tone for the day.

'Fat fertilisers': why overeating is not making you fat

Weight problems cannot be measured by numbers, according to David Ludwig.

Sarah Berry Overeating isn't making you fat. 

Why your gym hopes you won't go

 Everyone who joins a gym but doesn't go ends up subsidising membership costs for those that do.

Sarah Berry Why gyms are banking on you not turning up.

What juice cleanses are doing to your body

Green juices are good, but what is juice fasting doing to your body?

Sarah Berry The highs and lows of juice cleanses.

These 'toxic' relationship traits are healthy

Sarah Berry This is not another "learn to communicate and cuddle and watch sunsets and play with puppies together" article.

Is gratitude for the selfish and the smug?

Walmart staff have no reason to show gratitude for paltry wage rises, argues Barbara Ehrenreich, the founding editor of the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.

Sarah Berry Being grateful for the beauty in our lives and the connections we have makes us a happier, better, healthier, kinder people.

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Why failure ought to be your New Year's resolution

Put failure on your agenda this New Year's Eve.

Sarah Berry Failure. Fail, fail, fail fail. Failure.

The true price of happiness: three important lessons for a good life

Lean in: Making money does not make the happy life in the end.

Sarah Berry Good relationships make us happy, not fame or fortune.

Why it's time to quit sit-ups

Sarah Berry Back strain is one of the most common exercise injuries. It turns out that one of the most common exercises is likely to be causing it.