Sarah Berry

Sarah Berry

Sarah Berry is a Life & Style reporter.

Post sex sadness is a thing, but it's different for men and women

Sarah Berry She had been married for 20 years but after sex she would would go and spend time by herself so her husband didn't see her crying.

Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert encourages the audacity to dream

Dream big magic: If you are alive, you are creative.

Sarah Berry Some of the most brilliant, talented people I know are creatively constipated.

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Science finds why your perfect 'type' could be the result of life experiences

When researchers asked 35,000 participants to rate the beauty of different faces, the results were surprising.

Sarah Berry New research indicates beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

The health and fitness lessons I've learned

Libby Babet

Sarah Berry What I once assumed about health and fitness is wrong.

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Sleeping well takes on a whole new meaning

Sleeping your way to well.

Sarah Berry Sleeping boosts our body's memory so it can recognise bad bacteria, study shows

Our brain connections mirror positive traits, new study finds

Sarah Berry A fascinating new study is starting to unravel how the brain wires together and 'maps' how the processes relate to behaviour and traits.

The true price of looking lean

Abs - are they worth it?

Sarah Berry I once briefly dated a fitness model whose body fat was 3 per cent.

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Experts' top picks for health and fitness technology

Fit bits? The experts open up about what they use.

Sarah Berry I'm not going to lie.

Diet shakes to lose weight? Think again

Meal replacement powders: weighing up the benefits.

Sarah Berry Thinking of investing in meal replacement shakes to slim down ahead of summer?

Why your running shoe is not worth the money

Fancy features: Arguably not worth it?

Sarah Berry We've got to invest if we want the best, right?

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Is this the smarter way to work out?

Work it, but not necessarily too hard.

Sarah Berry This counter-intuitive concept could be the better way to exercise.

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The 'threshold effect' of diet and depression

Sarah Berry Diet may prevent depression, according to a new study.

How a person's nervous system adapts quickly to conserve energy

Slow stroll? It's your nervous system.

Sarah Berry It's not that you're unmotivated. It's not that you're lazy.

Endometriosis sufferer Mel Greig looks to surrogate to have baby

Mel Greig with former 2Day FM co-host, Michael Christian.

Sarah Berry Former radio host hopes speaking out about condition will help people to discuss it and to seek help.

Why raw milk is 'as controversial as climate change'

Sarah Berry My local barista swears by it.

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In treating unruly anger, venting just makes you madder

Thousands of Australians might start getting telemarketing calls again, the federal government has warned.

Sarah Berry Anger is a natural, healthy emotion that has its place and is sometimes warranted, but it also hijacks us.

R U OK? The power of friendship

Cat and Sarah.

Sarah Berry It was 1996 that I was in the murky depths of my very own personal hell hole. Today, it feels like that time was another lifetime.

The cult-like rise of decluttering: is it healthy?


Sarah Berry Clutter makes me feel claustrophobic.

Feeling blue? Feeling sad changes our perception of colour

Feeling blue? You might be seeing things differently.

Sarah Berry We're smart, instinctive little cookies underneath it all.

Our teenage friendships can make or break our health, study says

A healthy friendship?

Sarah Berry Friendships have the strength to make or break your school years. Not only that, our friends can make our health, a new study has found.