The image Rihanna posted on her Instagram feed of herself with a loris.

Singer Rihanna is a big fan of social media ... but often it gets her in trouble.

This year has been a big one for Instagram and Twitter, with celebrities taking to the social media channels in droves posting all kinds of selfies, statements and sentiments.

To pick the best and worst posts of the year is an almost impossible feat and competition was fierce. So here's a recap of the good, the bad and the downright ridiculous.

Celebrities have no shame when it comes to posting their best trout-pout pics, but the crown for the worst selfie has to go to the queen of the Kardashians.

It was tough to pick from the multitude of horrors Kim Kardashian posted, but her white cozzie post-baby-butt shot made her look like a complete ass (pun intended), while her goggle tan came a close second.

Other hot contenders included Rihanna with a half-naked female stripper in her lap ...

Ke$ha and her curtain ...

and Chris Brown puffing on three doobies at once.

Dumbest facial was also a hotly contested category, and ended in a dead heat between American Idol and radio host Ryan Seacrest and Justin Bieber. Seacrest perfected the "OMG gobsmacked" look, while Bieber's more subtle "WTF?" selfies dominated our feeds.



Worst celebrity disguise goes to Snoop Dogg with his munchies-inspired "pancake mask", followed by One Direction Lothario Harry Styles' "napkin face".


The celebrity skin award was also tough to judge, with Kim Kardashian's butt, Justin Bieber's bare chest and Nicki Minaj's breasts all getting ample air time.

Cooking show

Automated proofreading website studied the 150 most followed celebrities on Twitter to shame the celebs who made the most grammatical errors. The girls made fewer errors than the boys, and musicians were the worst tweeters.

Bruno Mars came in at No.3, while rapper Wiz Khalifa took the second spot, but the gong for Twitter's most grammatically challenged celeb went to the man who puts the double G in Dogg, the former Snoop Lion, now known as Snoopzilla.

Twitter has been a popular slagging ground for trolls and celebrity spats, so what were this year's biggest Twitter tiffs?

1D's Louis Tomlinson was embroiled in a number of squabbles with The Wanted's singer Tom Parker, Harry Styles' BFF DJ Nick Grimshaw and British X-Factor winner James Arthur.

Charlie Sheen upped the ante and took to bagging out government departments such as the Department of Children and Family Services.


A special mention goes to Amanda Bynes. It was an "ugly'' year for the once squeaky-clean teen queen, as she took to Twitter to call such celebrities as Jay Z, Courtney Love and Jenny McCarthy ugly.


She also took on the NYPD and the world's rangas, and began a barney with Rihanna, tweeting: “Chris Brown beat you because you're not pretty enough.”

One can only wonder what highlights and lowlights the Twittersphere and Insta-snap apps will bring us in 2014.