Hugh Grant

Growing family

Hugh Grant has 'third love child': report

Hugh Grant

The star allegedly fathered his third child, a 16-month-old son born to Swedish TV producer Anna Elisabet Eberstein in September 2012.


Why Hugh Grant, king of the rom-com, needs to clean up his act

Hugh Grant th

William Langley It is hard to escape the suspicion that Britain’s most bankable actor is an authentically troubled soul.

Hugh Grant sues police over hacking

Hugh Grant is one of many actors speaking out about News of the World.

THE British actor Hugh Grant has sued London's Metropolitan Police, two months after he said he taped a former tabloid journalist saying phone hacking was widespread.

New dad

Hugh Grant gets 'lumpy' about daughter

Hugh Grant

Grant breaks silence about becoming a dad for the first time after a "fleeting affair".

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The Body's birthday

Supermodel Elle Macpherson still stunning at 50


Lenny Ann Low In the world of supermodels, age is beauty's great adversary. For Elle Macpherson, who turned 50 on Saturday, it has barely dented her allure.

Lavish celeb holidays

Ten rules for the great celebrity getaway


Sarah Rainey Parading a $25m yacht, a mended marriage or just a new toyboy? Sarah Rainey on how the rich and famous get noticed in January.

Celeb news

Elizabeth Hurley rubbishes Bill Clinton affair claims

liz hurley

Anita Singh As celebrity gossip goes, it takes some beating: actress and model Elizabeth Hurley has year-long affair with Bill Clinton while he was US president.

Thrilled father

Hugh's the daddy

Hugh Grant.

Actor Hugh Grant announces birth of second child, tweeting "And to be crystal clear. I am the Daddy."

A Svengali's parting shot at the goddess who outgrew him


Charles Saatchi used the media to create the image of television cook Nigella. Now he is using it to dismantle her, writes Cristina Odone

New celeb couple?

Russell Brand and Jemima Khan romance rumours

Russell Brand and Jemima Khan

Shelly Horton It would be more surprising if controversial comedian Russell Brand dated a librarian or a waitress, but no he seems to have added another celebrity girlfriend to his heavily notched belt.

Paul McCartney 'shown hacking evidence'


Paul McCartney has been shown evidence by police that his phone was hacked, it has been reported.

'Her Royal Hotness' Pippa Middleton photographed 400 times a day: tabloid editor

Pippa Middleton.

The picture editor of Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper says he sees up to 400 photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, Pippa Middleton, cross his desk every day.

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Celebrity testimony

JK Rowling and Sienna Miller hit out at phone hacking inquiry


Author JK Rowling has told a UK media inquiry how she felt "under siege" from intrusive journalists, who staked out her house and even went so far as to slip a note into her five-year-old daughter's...

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Elle Macpherson's adviser sacked by model after phone hacking revealed secrets: inquiry

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson fired her business adviser for leaking secrets when journalists were actually getting juicy details about the supermodel by hacking into her phone, the former aide has told Britain's...

Getting hitched

'It was very romantic': Warne confirms engagement to Hurley

Shane Wanre and Liz Hurley pictured before the cricketer proposed.

Shane Warne and Liz Hurley are to marry after the cricketer proposed to the British actress and model during a trip to Scotland.

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Hacked actor calls for wider inquiry into phone scandal

hugh grant

Polly Curtis, London Hugh Grant condemns the 'grotesque' power that newspaper proprietors hold over politicians, and voiced fears that inquiries proposed by the British government into phone hacking may let those in...


The king of spin

Shane Warne

Yes, he was a genius on the cricket field, but why do we care about Shane Warne's love life? David Leser on the Warnie phenomenon.

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Red carpet glamour

The Oscars: why best dressed matters more than best actor

Anne Hathaway.

Kate Waterhouse And you thought the Oscars was about the films. Kate Waterhouse looks at what turns heads on the red carpet come awards season, from classic couture to total frock shockers.

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Ageing angst

Andie MacDowell: Am I still worth it?

Andie MacDowell

At 54, the long-time face of L'Oreal admits that ageing is struggle.

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